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Getting past the release date check?

Trunks KPH
Trunks KPH
Posted on 16 October 16 at 18:41, Edited on 16 October 16 at 18:44 by Trunks KPH

Sorry to ask, but I cannot get past the release date check for this game. It never connects to the server? all other GFWLive game i have work fine but cannot get this one past the check. Can anyone advise a way to do this and still earn the GFWLive achievements? I have uninstalled GFWLive and the game several times and changed the date to today 2012 and run compatability for vista sp 2 etc but nothing works?

I am on windows 10

Any help please.
Roman Navel
Roman Navel
Posted on 03 November 16 at 17:14
What I did was change the date to the day after the GWFL release day and it worked fine for me.
Trunks KPH
Trunks KPH
Posted on 22 November 16 at 17:42, Edited on 22 November 16 at 17:46 by Trunks KPH
Thank you for the response.

I have tried that and numerous other things, i will list them.

Running compatability for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8,
Reinstalling Windows 10,
Removing/uninstalling all firewalls/antivirus and switching off windows defender,
Uninstalling GFWLive Client and reinstalling and attempted without updating,
Then again updated GWLive to the latest update with Where Waldo GWLive Game,
Changing the release date back every month until Aug 2012,
Running ZPD check on it own and as admin,
Making the ZDP, DARKSOULS.exe and DATA run under admin,
All the same.

Adding to this I received other games now in the same boat

Dark Souls,
Fable 3,
Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City.

All the same verification release date check. GFWLive works as I have GTAIV, DR2 OTR, FUEL. BlazBlue etc etc about 12 Games ok and working but these with the ZDP window I cannot get past, just endlessly states cannot connect to server.
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