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Posted on 18 October 16 at 18:21
I'm looking for other players that play the game enough to validate them to join my crew, preferably those that wont stop playing after achievements made.
My crew name is Profiteering is GO! and i'm a 937 guitarist. Looking for other guitarists/bassists plus vocalist and drummers to join said group.
Anyone interested just leave a response or send me a message through xbox.
~Swanky C~
Posted on 18 October 16 at 20:14
I'm a 943 guitarist looking for a crew, play rock band fairly often, looking for a crew myself
Posted on 18 October 16 at 22:25
I'm looking for a crew as well, not the greatest at the game but I have all instruments
Posted on 18 October 16 at 23:07
Sent a request to join! I play all instruments (This is a new XBL account - got bored and chose to start popping achievements from scratch) and have ~1200 songs.
Posted on 19 October 16 at 00:14
a plus 1ker, will definitely be a plus
~Swanky C~
Posted on 19 October 16 at 10:56
Looking to join too.
Posted on 19 October 16 at 16:18
I have a crew called Do You Djent? so everyone feel free to join! I'll send out invites when I get home to anyone not in a crew yet.
Posted on 19 October 16 at 17:28
I'm looking for a crew. Have all of the instruments, but not necessarily the most skilled. ~550 songs including RB1, 2, 3, Lego, AC/DC exports. Mostly play vocals and bass.
Posted on 19 October 16 at 22:34
Looking for a crew too. I am a 885 guitarist (aiming to go 900 lol) and can play hard or expert vocals on dozens of songs. No drumkit though. I have ~650 songs in my library including every 360 RB exports.

Posted on 19 October 16 at 22:58
Just started a crew called 'Rockrew'.

I do vocals, expert vocals 98-100% on most songs.

Join me if you want!

Removed Gamer
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Posted on 25 October 16 at 23:39
Looking for a crew to join, big player on rock band. I play almost everything but I'm a 900 plus vocalist. Have tons of dlc. Hit me up if you're crew needs a vocalist or send me a message on Xbox live.

GT: ReverendBlinky
Posted on 08 November 16 at 06:20
Recruiting for my crew. I'm 950 on guitar and 930 on drums. Looking for good players of all types, but especially a good vocalist. Crew name is "Lullaby Induced Insomnia". Search for it or just send me a message.
Posted on 09 November 16 at 04:50, Edited on 09 November 16 at 04:52 by Outsider618
Brutal Hot Dogs have an extra slot open in the band. The only expectation is play at least 10 Songs a week to help out with XP gathering and with Spot Light Songs. No need of DLC if you don't have any. It would be a bonus if you play Drums or Vocals but not need. Play any instrument you want. Either request to be added to the band or leave your gamer tag to be requested to be added. Currently in Gold Tier.
Posted on 09 November 16 at 05:16, Edited on 11 November 16 at 04:10 by DeadRisingBully
I have all the instruments, but I mostly do vocals. My crew name is "We got tags on our toes!"

EDIT: Looking to join someone else's crew, "We got tags on our toes" no longer available.
Posted on 09 November 16 at 06:58
My crew is still looking for players. We are in the GOLD tier right now, failed to get promoted this week. We are looking for people who will contribute decent scores on any instrument (preferably 900+ skill) and will play approx. 100 challenge songs per week (earning 20,000 xp or more).

Crew name: Rockrew

Or send me a PM and I'll send you an invite.
Posted on 09 November 16 at 15:48
I currently have 2 spots left in my crew. We're looking for another drummer and singer that are fairly decent on expert. We already have 6 Guitar/Bass players, 1 drummer and 1 vocalist. I had to kick someone recently because he never played at all. We've been in top tier every week so far. Also would be a bonus if you have some DLC.

Crew name: Confederacy of Goop

Please let me know through TA or message me on Xbox. rock
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