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XBL Sale Roundup: October 18th, 2016

  • Posted on 21 October 16 at 11:49
    Good stuff
  • allstar738allstar738327,670
    Posted on 21 October 16 at 12:51
    FightingMegaFoo said:
    morphable freak said:
    FightingMegaFoo said:
    Lara Croft bribed Microsoft for this week's sale because she thinks there's not enough men playing with her.
    grow up. what are you 12
    What are you, 65? You seem like a grouchy old man.
    You seem like you're immature. The "joke" wasn't even funny.
  • Posted on 21 October 16 at 14:13
    How well has New Vegas aged? Shame DLC isn't on sale too.
    Ask me about my rock collection.
  • Posted on 23 October 16 at 15:55
    Is the season pass for Black ops 3 a good deal?
  • RatpoizenRatpoizen630,228
    Posted on 27 October 16 at 18:51
    Why is this in the Blue Rider forums?
  • ShinnizleShinnizle908,322
    Posted on 27 October 16 at 20:47
    Because it's one of the titles on sale and therefore a related item. As far as I know, it automatically links it to the respective game's forum.
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  • ChewieOnIceChewieOnIce885,255
    Posted on 27 October 16 at 21:11
    Yes titles are linked to the game pages and therefore appear as related news. That way people can see the sales related to titles past and present.
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