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Achievements not unlocking

    Posted on 19 October 16 at 03:55Permalink
    I have 4 achievements left (beat the 1st, 2nd and 3rd levels, and find the secret discount). I have all other achievements such as beating the game and collecting all books.

    When I beat levels 1 2 and 3, the achievements popped but I did not get the gamerscore credit. I was/am online and made sure of that.

    I have redone the levels and this time they don't even pop as before. Its been 3 days now. Ive hard reset my xbox. When I snap my achievement progress it still shows them as incomplete!

    Can someone please help me understand what went wrong and if there's any way to fix this?? I have all doors unlocked for crying out loud. Even when I shoot the shop sign, it does nothing when it should be so simple!
    Posted on 21 October 16 at 10:07, Edited on 21 October 16 at 10:07 by FNSUITE GHOSTPermalink
    Hi, I'm the one making the walkthrough for this game currently I'm at about 50% of the way through. I've encountered this issue too. For me it seems to be tied to having multiple accounts logged in at the same time. I had a secondary account logged in to record videos for achievement guides and the exact achievements wouldn't pop. Although I never tested it past level 1. Basically my World 1 and DISCOUNT achievements wouldn't pop. I then powered down and retried and it still wouldn't work. Then I noticed I was logged in on my main account still in the background of xbox dashboard. (Even though I was playing on my secondary account). I logged out of primary keeping only the secondary on and it worked.
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    Ohhhh!! I just seen your message and you may be right. I share an Xbox with my gf who was logged on at the time. Also I noticed she had achievements unlocked that shouldn't have been unlocked! I was so envious cause I bought the game and she was getting the Cheetos free whereas I couldn't get the same ones when I worked for them xD. That there tells me your onto something! Thank you so much for the reply!!!

    By the way, nice gamerscore!
    Thanks again
    Posted on 24 October 16 at 12:13Permalink
    Future reference, do you know how to edit a post on here? I spelled cheevos and got auto corrected to Cheetos. I'm sure you know what I meant but would be nice to know for future posts. (Kinda new here)
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    Top right of your post

    Edit: Looks like a box with a pencil or something
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    Yeah, I forgot to tell you they're not perma glitched , just replay the levels you need making sure only one gamer tag is signed in this time and they will still unlock . You'll just have them out of the "usual" order they're awarded. Same with the you've got a deal achievement.
    Posted on 01 November 16 at 20:47Permalink
    Thanks to both you guys, hopefully this will save other people a headache (:
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