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guns vs kittens
Posted on 26 October 16 at 06:46, Edited on 26 October 16 at 11:35 by guns vs kittens
Another recruitment thread, this crew is called "Meeseeks and Destroy", and we're currently Silver tier. We would love some more members to push our numbers!

We currently have 5 members, one is skill 956 on guitar, and our newest member is 939 on vocals! I am a 933 on the drums, so we have the whole trifecta, but we still have 5 open slots!

I am very active and play Expert on all instruments, I am currently at 839 vocals, 846 guitar, 957 bass, and 933 drums.

Would love to get some good Expert players to diversify the spotlight song leaderboards, but really anyone who will be active and gain XP for our group is more than welcome. Either just apply through Rock Band 4, or send me a friend request on XBL and I'll get you a request sent whenever I can! I play at least every other day so I'll get around to it asap.

Thanks for reading! music
...But why is the rum gone???
Posted on 11 November 16 at 15:49
Sent a request and I got a buddy I can bring too to fill the last spot if needed. I'm best at guitar/bass but can swing hard/expert drums when needed or hard/expert vocals
guns vs kittens
Posted on 12 November 16 at 10:04
Thanks for the add Gix! Good to have you along for the ride!

As an update, we are now at Gold tier and are at 9/10 members, with expendables like my girlfriend's account and my friend's account in there. We are still open for more just send me a PM on XBL and I'll find you a spot!

My stat's changed around, but are still similar.
Vocals: 849 (+10)
Guitar: 887 (+41)
Bass: 961 (+04)
Drums: 950 (+17)

I am still fairly active, level 46 overall at the moment and I try and get a good score on every song and every instrument by the end of the week. Currently we are #7 on the Spotlight Score leaderboards for Gold tier!
...But why is the rum gone???
Posted on 13 November 16 at 03:38
My buddy "vinnyavs" is a decent drummer if you want to shoot him an invite. We made gold as a 2 person crew but couldn't compete with groups of higher quantity so we were looking to move up to a bigger crew. He's also very active but he's not a TA guy I don't think so if you'd like to add him shoot him an invite and sure he'll come over
Posted on 13 November 16 at 16:52
I have 1 more spot left in my crew. We're looking for another drummer that is fairly decent on expert. We already have 6 Guitar/Bass players, 1 drummer and 2 vocalists. We've been in the green every week so far. Also would be a bonus if you have some DLC.

Crew name: Confederacy of Goop

Please let me know through TA or message me on Xbox. rock
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