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  • Posted on 28 October 16 at 06:40
    Please use this thread to discuss the Titanfall 2 walkthrough
  • Posted on 31 October 16 at 14:15
    The walkthrough has now been published.

    You can find it here: Titanfall 2 Walkthrough
  • JRod365JRod365253,062
    Posted on 01 November 16 at 05:33, Edited on 01 November 16 at 05:57 by JRod365
    The text guide for mission 4 Pilot Helmet (2/3) (6/9) (15/46) (4:22) is not very good imo. You DO NOT have to leave the flow at that point so I missed the collectable on master the first time since the guide stated you can avoid most combat by not getting off (and the guide mentions you "NEED" to get off for that part). Since some levels are set up into chapters I restarted after getting the next collectable thinking I could restart the chapter. You cannot restart chapters from the main menu, which the guide fails to mention, and I had to redo the entire mission on master because the game gave no warning about losing progress either. I appreciate the guide and hope you fix the text description for that helmet and mention that you can only redo whole missions and not specific chapters from the main menu. You can only restart chapters if you're still in that chapter and do it from the options menu
  • EurydaceEurydace546,049
    Posted on 01 November 16 at 15:05
    I'll add both of those in right now. The video guide makes it clear you must get off but I guess I didn't update the text to match. I'm sorry redface
  • EurydaceEurydace546,049
    Posted on 01 November 16 at 15:16, Edited on 01 November 16 at 15:16 by Eurydace
    Ok. The note at the beginning of Chapter 4 will now say:

    Note: This mission is separated into three chapters. The collectibles will now have three fractions in parentheses. The first number is now the number within the chapter (which you can see by pressing cn_start). This will be the case for any mission with multiple chapters. Please also remember you CANNOT restart a chapter - if you restart mission or select the mission again from the main menu, it will start you over at the beginning.
    The bold and underline will be there in the walkthrough.

    The new description for that pilot helmet will say:

    Eventually, you'll come to a part where you can stay on the flow to avoid combat. The flow will begin building a house around you and the platform you're on will be slanted. To the left of the flow will be a large area with enemies. You MUST jump off here to get a pilot helmet (to be clear, the game does not force you to jump off so you need to be looking for this section). If you jumped off the first section this is available (it's quite a jump), you'll need to walk up a huge set of stairs approaching a part of the flow where the platform slants down - this is how you get back on the flow to continue. Before you jump there, turn left and take out the enemies (there's very little cover so this is a tough fight). On the back wall you'll see the boxes - two next to each other and one on top. Jump up here and turn around. On a pipe you can see a pilot helmet. Jump to the wall to the right to get across and collect Pilot Helmet (2/3) (6/9) (15/46) (4:22).
    Do you think that would have helped? If not, what do you think should be changed?
  • JRod365JRod365253,062
    Posted on 01 November 16 at 18:17, Edited on 01 November 16 at 23:31 by JRod365
    That description is a lot clearer. Thanks.

    After beating the campaign I looked and you can replay specific chapters of a mission as long as you finish the entire mission first too.
  • Posted on 22 November 16 at 17:33
    Yeah, you should change the description to mention that chapters are replayable if the mission has been completed, it's only if you quit before finishing the mission for the first time that you can't.
  • CONKER1182CONKER1182534,823
    Posted on 29 November 16 at 22:18, Edited on 29 November 16 at 22:20 by CONKER1182
    The achievements in the Titanfall 2 TA walkthrough are now just showing the achievement links and aren't showing achievements properly.

    When I post achievement links in this thread they don't show properly. That's how the achievements show in the TA walkthrough as well.

  • Dang3R GamingDang3R Gaming1,262,119
    Posted on 29 November 16 at 23:03
    I want to take a guess that it's related to the latest site update, as I'm seeing that everywhere on TA as of today.
  • EurydaceEurydace546,049
    Posted on 30 November 16 at 02:08
    They will get updated soon. This is related to the site news article that was posted today. Sorry for the inconvenience. It's just a site issue I can't fix!
  • Posted on 10 October 18 at 07:28
    The second helmet on Mission 7 reads

    Continue forward until Briggs tells you to get on an elevator. This will be right after you pass two health crates. In the hallway right before the elevator, look to the right and you'll see a little hole in between stacks of boxes. Exit BT and go through the hole. Follow the path to Pilot Helmet (2/3) (39/46) (11:03).

    But the path is on the left if you are facing Briggs.

    And thank you for the walkthrough, very well done!toast
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