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The Gaming Dead: Searching for the Perfect Zombie Game

  • EinhanderEinhander344,262
    Posted on 29 October 16 at 21:16Permalink
  • EinhanderEinhander344,262
    Posted on 29 October 16 at 21:23Permalink
    RESIDENT EVIL 7 rock
  • Posted on 29 October 16 at 21:35Permalink
    there is a game that i can control the zombies and the waves?
  • Vitiated1Vitiated11,393,270
    Posted on 29 October 16 at 22:14Permalink
    Great article, I've certainly felt that way for years. However, I think State of Decay is a horrible game. It demands utmost discipline from the player by being so realistic, with perma-death, loss of supplies, loss of vehicles, weapon breakage, etc. However, the game itself shows 0 discipline itself. Infestations and hordes pop up every few minutes, there's nothing but constant busywork to do, and there are "special" zombies always around. If the game really wanted to be unique and realistic, keep an area cleared after I cleared it. The plot of the game sets up a quarantine zone anyway, so if my small group of survivors wants to exterminate every zombie in the valley, we should be able to.

    The best "real" zombie experience I've played is Resident Evil: Outbreak #2, A group of survivors, each with their own individual skills taken from their careers, team up together to survive. You can scavenge for weapons, ammo, and healing items, and the levels are all so awesome and unique. The best part is the infection aspect. In every other zombie game, you just get bit over and over again with no real consequence. That goes against the entire premise and doesn't make any sense. In Outbreak, you're infected with the virus. The passage of time and being bitten repeatedly allow the virus to build up in your character, until death. After death, you can wander around as a zombie and attack your former friends. If it was an open-world experience, it'd have been the best zombie game of all time.

    Props for knowing about Zombies Ate My Neighbors. Probably a top 3 SNES game for me, ridiculously fun and rewarding.
  • PSUConnPSUConn191,608
    Posted on 29 October 16 at 23:02Permalink
    I agree with the author 100%. State of Decay had great elements that just needed some polish. I still remember the first time my character got torn to shreds, it was borderline heartbreaking. I believe the perma-death is absolutely necessary to have a real, TRUE zombie experience. I would love to see SoD 2 get some polish as even at release the graphics were...meh. I think it had great elements with it's wandering hordes, sense of loss, base building, weapon/gear crafting, and interacting with other communities. Any one of those could come right out of the Walking Dead, which is arguably the best representation of what the zombie apocalypse would probably be. It's additions of the special infecting a la L4D and the open world of Undead Nightmare/Dead Island was even better.

    SoD definitely needed polishing in it's graphics, voice acting, and even the elements. It ticked off everything on my wishlist but all of it could have been expanded on. It had crafting but was limited, great perma death but not could have done better with emotional development, etc. SoD was absolutely wonderful and I couldn't be more excited for SoD2.
  • Posted on 29 October 16 at 23:09Permalink
    I have nothing to add. I just wanted to compliment the author on this excellent article.
  • Posted on 29 October 16 at 23:42Permalink
    iVilux said:
    I can't wait for State of Decay 2...
    Same here.
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  • x ALBANACH xx ALBANACH x193,528
    Posted on 30 October 16 at 00:05Permalink
    I'm still secretly hoping for a sequel/remake of 'Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse'.
  • LilGurgiLilGurgi186,292
    Posted on 30 October 16 at 00:07Permalink
    Great article. Very detailed with how you break down games and numerous examples of the good and bad sides of those games. I haven't had a chance to play State of Decay, but I may want to look into it after your writeup. Thanks.
  • deluxnugsdeluxnugs549,453
    Posted on 30 October 16 at 00:12Permalink
    Ive always dreamed of a Post Apocalypse Zombie game in the vein of Metro and Bioshock. That's the game that's missing.
  • gobey17gobey17749,478
    Posted on 30 October 16 at 00:33Permalink
    Vitiated1 said:
    The best "real" zombie experience I've played is Resident Evil: Outbreak #2.
    Resident Evil Outbreak is a great game and one that I've always wanted to be re-released with actual online capabilities. Playing in co-op on the hardest difficulty I can imagine being a very tense experience.

    I was really excited for the first State of Decay, following the forums and bought it day one. While it had lots of potential I think there's still work need to be done to it. It was disappointing too that no co-op was implemented - but State of Decay 2, hurrah! Just hope it actually expands on the game rather than co-op being the only real new feature.
  • Posted on 30 October 16 at 03:12Permalink
    State of Decay is absolutely amazing.
    If we can get a polished version of it and in more of a urban setting as opposed to the open fields the original took place in, I think we'd finally have a truly perfect zombie game.

    L4D, CoD zombies, etc. Are great games but aren't realistic enough to be taken seriously as an apocalyptic survival game.
  • DANIELJJ14DANIELJJ141,201,918
    Posted on 30 October 16 at 03:46Permalink
    I'm gonna do it...

    So I enjoyed Escape Dead Island. Just something about that game struck me. shock

    It had a unique art style, weapons were limited, and very few weapons to choose from making you quite vulnerable as the player, there was a nice element of being able to use stealth to slip by zombies unnoticed, the combat was fine.
    All that with a general plot of discovering the secret behind the island, realising what a shit show happened there, then finding a way to escape the island with your friends, all while your character is descending into a state of insanity.

    It's certainly a unique memorable game for me, there was some pretty odd stuff happening, but enjoyable nonetheless.
  • Posted on 30 October 16 at 03:47Permalink
    How do you hate TWD (Walking Dead)? Those games are awesome! I enjoyed them more then it shows because I actually got into it more then most games.
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  • BobWingsBobWings670,398
    Posted on 30 October 16 at 03:55Permalink
    Wow... I have so much to say on this topicsmile

    The type of zombie game that I have been looking for since I first got my hands on the original Dead Rising has been a zombie game that focuses on building up your base. State of Decay does the best at this. My biggest complaint for SoD was that you had to pick cookie cutter options to build your base up.

    I have spent way too much time thinking about how I would modify my home, place of work, and significant areas of my town into a zombie fortress. I just want a game that lets me build my defenses while exploring the location for the necessary supplies to achieve those goals.

    If you build up your survivors and find out more about them (with more substance than SoD's "Stop pissing everyone off" dialogue) then it really matters if they live or die.

    In a nutshell: I'm looking for a game that combines DR's combo system with SoD's base building capabilities and Telltale's: The Walking Dead's story line. I maybe asking for too much, but that's what I crave!

    Thanks for a picking a subject that really got me thinking!
  • JMJimmyJMJimmy452,587
    Posted on 30 October 16 at 05:43, Edited on 30 October 16 at 05:44 by JMJimmyPermalink
    The problem with the concept of a 'perfect zombie game' is that everyone has their own idea of what their zombie plan would be. State of Decay is great but it focuses on the 'wanderer' and my idea of a 'perfect zombie game' is bunkering with sojourns to get resources for upgrades.
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  • Posted on 30 October 16 at 06:57Permalink
    speedygamers90 said:
    How do you hate TWD (Walking Dead)? Those games are awesome! I enjoyed them more then it shows because I actually got into it more then most games.
    Absolute money grabbing snooze fest.
  • Sketchy77Sketchy77293,994
    Posted on 30 October 16 at 07:49, Edited on 30 October 16 at 07:50 by Sketchy77Permalink
    Our Afflictions said:
    speedygamers90 said:
    How do you hate TWD (Walking Dead)? Those games are awesome! I enjoyed them more then it shows because I actually got into it more then most games.
    Absolute money grabbing snooze fest.
    I feel like telltale games in general would benefit from ditching the sub-par gameplay for a pure visual novel format.

    The gameplay has always been boring as hell in Telltale games, they are only saved by their stories.
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  • SchinderdivSchinderdiv490,404
    Posted on 30 October 16 at 09:09Permalink
    MattQuin89 said:
    If I'm honest... I wasn't a fan of State of Decay. Was fun for the first hour but then became repetitive to me.

    I personally loved dying light. It had a huge horror impact for me, noticing it was getting dark and realising you are far from home was a gut wrenching moment from start to finish.
    I'm pretty much right there with you. While I did enjoy State of Decay, it took me until about halfway through the story to start feeling repetitious to me.

    Dying Light, however, I felt dread merely starting that game. It definitely hit the atmosphere better than any other zombie game, even if it was more of a "supernatural" zombie game.
  • Assassin T82Assassin T821,053,501
    Posted on 30 October 16 at 13:35, Edited on 30 October 16 at 13:45 by Assassin T82Permalink
    The Last of Us.
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