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XBL Sale Roundup: November 1st, 2016

  • Posted on 08 November 16 at 05:20
    Screw it, just bought the Ultimate Edition for Evolve.
  • Archer SpenseArcher Spense1,361,467
    Posted on 08 November 16 at 06:45
    Gunstar Red said:
    Bellator MMA requires the Muay Thai DLC for $5.99 to complete. There's an extra arena in it that's needed for one of the achievements.
    read up on the game and unfortunately discovered this is true! Actual price is $8.50 (rounded up of course). How lame!
  • Archer SpenseArcher Spense1,361,467
    Posted on 08 November 16 at 06:57
    XPhiles in IA said:
    not offended, i could care less what you think
    who are you kidding? if you didn't care or weren't offended, you wouldn't have responded. toast

    XPhiles in IA said:
    i don't think sex belongs in video games, that's all. im sorry my opinion differs from yours,
    game has no sex in it. i'm sorry shapely scantily clad women are icky to you?
    while I'm at it, should I claim you're sexist for not being disgusted with the depiction of Conan as a heavily muscled almost naked sex object too?

    I'm getting mixed signals here

    XPhiles in IA said:
    and that you see the need to insult me because you dont agree with me that is why i mentioned your intelligence level. better shut me up, i don't agree with you that means i must be silenced
    oh brother. roll
    drama alert
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