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Search and Destroy Boosting

Aardvark Vulgar
Posted on 05 November 16 at 23:13
Hey everyone,

I have been running 4 boxes doing the Search and Destroy Team Tactical method which gives me 1000+ points per match (
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Each match takes about 5ish minutes. Right now, I just kill the enemy team and defuse the bomb. If anyone would like to join in as the enemy team, we can get a faster session going and we will both get 1000+points a game - and it will be faster since I won't have to take the time to run the dummy player over to plant the bomb.

I would prefer that you have at least 2 boxes so we can get more XP per game, but feel free to message me if you only have 1 box.

I'm mixing my time between AFK TDM boosting and Search and Destroy boosting. If you see me playing S&D and want to join in, send me a message and I will invite you to a party to discuss the details. When we boost, you won't need a mic as its pretty straight forward.
Posted on 31 January 17 at 12:04
If you play zombies enough you might just get into a modded lobby and unlock both prestige achievements
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