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Typo in Delisted notice

WebChimp UKFixed
Posted on 13 November 16 at 18:01
Just a heads up,

The notice for delisted games appears to currently have a typo in it as:

"This game has been removed from the Xbox LIVE Store, but may still be available phyiscally."

Or at least it does on this page:
Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter

Thanks! & Keep up the great work :)
Fear is the mindkiller.
Posted on 19 November 16 at 11:25
Thanks! I've logged this in our internal bug tracker so it should be sorted soon!
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WebChimp UK
WebChimp UK
Posted on 04 January 17 at 09:41
Thanks - this is fixed pending a site update. toast
Information Posted on 04 January 17 at 17:24
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