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The Game Awards 2016 Nominees Announced

Posted on 23 November 16 at 18:33
This looks very sketchy to me. There are 2015 games in the mix. Not only that, but Blood and Wine is not even a game but a DLC. As great as the 2015 Witcher 3 was, a DLC just doesn't pass the laugh test. It looks like the nominating committee could have been a little more diligent in their choices.

Only Overwatch: Origins Edition (IMHO) is a serious candidate for GOTY. There seems to be a bias towards FPSs but, clearly, Titanfall 2 and DOOM don't deserver to be in the same conversation as Overwatch. You have to ask what the committee was smoking nominating DOOM. Admittedly, id Software did a fair job brushing off the cobwebs but the game is closing in on its quarter century anniversary.

Normally, I expect there to be some difference between my personal preferences and the choices of a nominating committee. I accept that. For example, I play few FPSs and prefer single to multiplayer games. Nevertheless, I recognize the exceptional qualities in Overwatch which certainly deserves to be nominated and possibly/probably win. Other titles on the list, though, are very questionable. I can only conclude that the nominating committee lacked the competence to put together a credible list.
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