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Patched Strategy/Theory (WIP)

Dite Dielle
Dite Dielle
Posted on 24 November 16 at 22:27, Edited on 29 November 16 at 14:05 by Dite Dielle
Not sure if anyone else is playing this anymore, but since I've been doing the patched version, and have been playing on and off a few months at a time, I'm still working on it. And, after trying a few methods that worked really well sometimes, and not-so-well other times, I've settled on a method that works well for me. If you just want to do some simple math/pattern-making and just power through it, this'll work. If you want the scientific best odds in the hopes of finishing it ASAP, I can't promise anything.

There's been a lot of stuff on different forums and sites about different things that could affect the odds of the girls accepting them (wearing the same suit, wearing accessories, winning games, etc.), but all agree that the biggest thing is the notes. Otherwise, it's a grey area. Then, some say you need to gift them 3-4 love items before a suit, and that's not always necessary, sometimes 2, or even 1 is good (and since it all falls on RNG, means you've wasted money, time, and inventory space).

I'm pretty much putting together all the important stuff that has an obvious effect. This could probably be figured out by most people doing it, but I figure it's best to have a spot that already puts some of it together.
Essentially I just try to figure out:
- The suit's "difficulty" (being that the girl Likes it, Dislikes it, or Hates it).
- The gifter's starting disposition with the target.
- How a love item changes the gifter's relationship toward the target.
- The target's quirks (mainly the whole "mornings" thing).

This is still definitely in-progress, so feel free to add notes,
At the very least, it should work with Hitomi. It's especially interesting with her because she seems to get along with most of the other girls really well (so calculating with her is kinda fun).
As I learn the gifting balances and such, I'll add the info I've learned here, so you don't have to do all the work/experimenting. I'm giving most of this information so you can use what you want, and tweak the rest. Or, since this is "in-progress" self-calculate any info I don't have up.

First, I'll mark two big credits:
DOA World's "DOAX2 Guide" subforum:
A lot of my information came from stuff in those threads. Some if it isn't completely accurate, but they're usually close and good starting points. I would particularly suggest looking into the "Gifting overview" as it seems pretty accurate as far as the girls' relationships. I'll mention that more below, though.
I've posted a few times in that thread, and it seemed to work really well for the starting suits, but not as well when you get to hated suits. It was actually pretty fine when I was also going for the Relax/Imitations, but once I finished it up, I realized I wasn't really sure what to do with the extra timeslots. This definitely led me in the direction for this, and first made me comfortable with gifting suits in the hotel.

Setting it Up
When I talked about what to figure out, basically it's just the setup for gifting suits from one girl to another. The general idea is basic and the same for every girl (gift love items, then gift a suit when the notes are high enough), but the details on it (specificially how many love items to gift) seems to depend on the girls' relationships. If you can find the magic number, it's essentially just trying until she takes it. If you give her too few items, she'll start to hate you and it gets hard to come back. If you give her too many, she'll start opening them up, or would be a waste of love items.

Figuring out the Relationships
First, I'll say that I totally agree on there being hidden note levels. But, I feel like going the hidden high notes (if there's any), is something of a waste. You want to try to avoid the hidden negative notes, though, since I've never bothered to figure out how many levels there are, and you'll just be gifting until you see notes again.
So essentially there's:
- Hidden high note levels (maybe; I actually don't think there are, but there could be)
- High note level
- Low Note level
- Zero Note level
- Hidden negative note levels

I'd really go to that "Gifting Overview" thread on the DOA World subforum I mentioned. It seems to be pretty accurate. Basically, Look at the girls' relationship list, for both parts of the relationship note:
My example will be the "Ayane x Hitomi-0 (warms up fast)" note
1) The basic number is the level "3" would be low notes and 5 is high notes. So, in this case, Ayane and Hitomi start at zero notes.
2) Any notations should be used somewhat in conjunction with the descriptions it also gives (I don't think I've needed to give extra gifts). Since they "warm up fast", giving them one love gift should take them from 0 notes to high notes.

Basically, this helps me calculate how I'm starting and what I'll do.
So, if I'm gifting suits from Ayane to Hitomi, I start Day 1 gifting Hitomi a love item, then expecting her to be at "high notes".

Figuring out the Suit Difficulty
I'll try to make an accurate list here on this as well. What I assume would be the scale would be:
"Likes" - no notes lost when rejected.
"Dislikes" - notes go down a level when rejected.
"Hates" - notes go down two levels when rejected.
This happens if she rejects it in-person, and whether or not she accepts it through the hotel. So, this is what you'll usually counteract with gifts.

This means that if Ayane gifts Hitomi a hated suit, she will go back down from high notes to 0 notes. Since they "warm up fast", though, they should only need one love item to bring them back.

Planning the pattern
So, after you know all that, you just decide if you want the suit red-hearted or yellow-hearted (you can read more on that in DOA World's "Guide to Yellow-Hearting"). The basic plan is:

Red-Hearted suits must be given in-person, color-wrapped at high notes.
Yellow-Hearted suits can be given (1) in-person, color-wrapped at low notes, (2) in-person, gold-wrapped at high notes, (3) through hotel gifting.
(Just a note, if you want it red-hearted, but it gets yellow-hearted, there are some ways to change it after, without re-gifting it. They just seem harder/more situational.)

These can be totally mixed and matched. If you don't really care, you can even just go with the flow. Essentially, the only time this will make a big difference is in the pattern you're setting.
For example, it seems like we should be able to just gift Hitomi alternating between the suit and one love item. (Suit, then item, then suit, then item, etc.)
So, if you want it RHed, you'll want to gift her a love item in the hotel (since it doesn't take up a whole timeslot), and gift her the suit during any daytime slot. So, on Day 1, I would do an in-person love item, then in-person suit gift, followed by a love gift through the hotel (I could do what I want with the other time slot). If you aren't able to gift the suit during that day (she isn't available), then just wait until the next day. You shouldn't have to gift her anything at the hotel (unless she degrades fast; we'll see with Tina later.)

If you want to YH it, you just switch it. Since you're already at high notes on the first day, you'll do what you want for the rest of the day, then gift her at the hotel. Then, gift her a love item once the next day, and if the suit is returned, give it right back.

For most girls, the standard would probably be 2 love gifts for a hated suit, 1 for a disliked suit, and you should only have to re-gift a liked suit until she takes it (which I think is mainly for bad relationships like Tina/Leifang, but I'll have to look into that more.)

Basically what I've factored in and have used well. For now, I'll accept them as facts, but if someone finds different responses when playing, let me know and I'll look into it again.

- Christie and Hitomi start off with 0 notes; one love gift raises 1 level
- Hitomi and Kokoro start off with 0 notes; one love gift raises 2 levels
- Hitomi and Lisa start off with 0 notes; one love gift raises 2 levels

(These will probably become a chart as I learn more. Also, before I decided to record them, I was overwriting their suit reactions with whether I RHed or YHed them, so I've completed more than the list below.)
- Ayane hates Kasumi's Orchid (lowers notes two levels)
- Christie dislikes Hitomi's Crux (lowers notes one level)
- Hitomi hates Christie's Aquamarine (lowers notes two levels)
- Hitomi dislikes Christie's Variscite (lowers notes one level)
- Hitomi hates Tina's Deneb (lowers notes two levels)
- Kokoro likes Hitomi's Crux suit (no note loss)

Extra Notes
If you feel any other potential factors seems to work, feel free to use it as well. Personally, the only thing I find worth doing is choosing the same hotel as the girl, since I don't pay enough attention to the hotel to feel I need to choose otherwise (I like the Gemstone Suite, it doesn't really matter to me that much.)

Also, as you complete these, I've found that sometimes red-hearting suits on some girls can help with gifting. For example, I've gotten "complete collections" with Helena, Kasumi, and Lisa, as well as completing Hitomi's collection for all of them (I only need Christie and Tina's collections for her). So, since I'm focusing on Hitomi, especially since she has higher relationships with them, I'm gifting their red-hearted suits through the girls (ex: I gifted Christie's "Diamond" suit to Hitomi from Lisa's collection. Since it's red-hearted, it'll be easier to gift back.)
Yellow-hearted suits don't count as "love gifts," so you might only want to do that when you've got it on someone who likes the suit and want it on someone who hates it. (ex: possibly getting Helena's "Kir Royal" on Ayane through Leifang, even if yellow-hearted)
New Paralyzer
New Paralyzer
Posted on 25 November 16 at 10:09
I have to say Bravo to all your work.

I just...can't play this game many hours and not a single achievement. This game is absurd and demands far too much from anyone.

It's BEACH VOLLEYBALL! I shouldn't find myself in the casino grinding for money for years to come.

Get first in a Jet Ski Race or play as every simple! This game man....this game.....

I encourage you to keep up the good work...but...I just...can't go back.....I can't.....
Dite Dielle
Dite Dielle
Posted on 29 November 16 at 13:29, Edited on 29 November 16 at 13:30 by Dite Dielle
If you're a 100% or bust person, it's not great. But, if you only want a few achievements, getting their own collection isn't too bad, as well as a few others.

Someone asked about getting 400-500 gs on it, in a thread, and I was able to help them out:

Honestly, if this way makes it fairly doable, I may need to tweak it. Lisa and Tina's collection should be very doable (even with the three). When I wrote that, I was either (1) just constantly gifting through the hotel w/o gifts, or (2) giving too many gifts and could have tried more times.

I don't mind it. But, then again, like my dad, I love using spreadsheets in my games, and keeping track of everything is fun for me. And because I get more frustrated over difficult mechanics than a dice roll. I don't mind grinding beatable bosses for a specific drop, or following a method over and over until it works. I'd rather do this than play the Dead or Alive fighting games.
I do get in lulls (the main reason why I'm still working on the achievements is because I could go 3-6 months at a time without playing it), but until I 100% it, I'll probably always go back to it.

...just wish it were Magic Mike Xtreme 2 instead...
Posted on 10 January 17 at 14:56, Edited on 21 January 17 at 16:03 by Kerman7
I repurchased this last month for a couple of quids in a bid to fix the insurmountable completion gap I had created for myself years ago.
Been mostly working on multiplying money whilst keeping the title update out. Will soon start gifting to make progress and wondering if gifting was also made easier with the update than before (like earning money through activities was).
I'll keep an eye on this thread and will let you know if I find interesting tips too.

Update: I've had some time gifting and have had pretty good success at gifting at the hotel. Given I don't care about red hearting anything, that works pretty well and requires minimum effort. I was also gifting during the day at the same time but even with a top musical notes an expensive suit got turned down so it seems hotel gifing is the safest and simplest way.
Combined with the glitch for those expensive ones, I'd say it looks like a pretty good method and can be combined with accessories collection during the day.
Update2: Also found that swapping girl between vacations seemed to help. When I was insisting on giving one girl's suits to all the others first it felt harder after a couple vacations. So instead I concentrated on getting all suits gifted to one girl. And that seemed to work much better. Now got two full collections and hopefully they will keep on rolling.
Dite Dielle
Dite Dielle
Posted on 14 February 17 at 08:25
Oh yeah--I never really checked myself, but I feel like I may have heard somewhere that starting a new vacation with the same girl keeps their relationship level.

I'll have to check it out sometime. I really wish they'd make it backwards compatible for the Xbox One. But, they didn't even bother to make it install-able on Xbox 360 (w/disc, at least). Since my sister uses the Xbox more, and hers was freezing on Halo 4 (even though she had it installed), I switched with her. Of course, it's freezing on DOAX2, as well, so I haven't been able to play it.
Posted on 17 February 17 at 02:35, Edited on 17 February 17 at 02:36 by Kerman7
Yes that would explain it, keeping relationship between vacations is what was causing me issues. It's probably great with your partner if you play volley-ball, but for me after trying to give revealing outfits, some girls just didn't want to have anything to do with me anymore and returning all gifts with no hope of mending the relationship. If you reset it you at least always start fresh and it doesn't take long to be in a position where they can keep even the expensive ones.
And I hear you about not being able to install. Can really appreciate the silence of the One when I play this. Hopefully it won't wear out the drive before I get a chance to finish it. I'm taking a break at the moment though; clearly when I said 'minimum effort' it was all relative and not representative of its capacity to still be very draining...
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