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Extra Credits...

Bob Almighty125
Posted on 14 April 11 at 00:58
I just recently completed the Slot Machine. I now have around 200,000 credits stored up. Is there anything I can do with these? Perhaps convert them into experience somehow? Any help would be appreciated.
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Posted on 14 April 11 at 15:59
As far as I can tell you can do exactly nothing with these credits other than watch them accumulate.
Posted on 14 April 11 at 16:16
I have about 500k :) but they're just gonna be sitting there doing nothing :(
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Posted on 15 April 11 at 10:21
Join the club, im sitting on around 3 million laugh
Dat Boi Treezy
Posted on 15 April 11 at 13:07
Sad times guys cry Its ashame the credits go to waste after finishing the Slot Machine
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Posted on 15 April 11 at 16:25
I was surprised at how quickly everything unlocked considering how many people have posted methods for box farming. Your time can be spent in far more productive ways if you are hunting for achievements.

Fun game though, just a shame they put no effort into the story and offered almost no hints as to what you actually have to do in some of the levels. This game gets a lot more enjoyable once you know what you are doing and can concentrate on blasting the hell out of everything.
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