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Xbox One - Three Years Later

Posted on 25 November 16 at 16:30
Report card time!

Please click here to read the story: Xbox One - Three Years Later
Poll: With three years on the market, what is your opinion of the Xbox One?
  • 18.4% - It's been everything that I could've wanted
  • 55.3% - It's been very good, but it's missing a few things
  • 14.7% - It's been roughly equal parts good and bad
  • 6.3% - It's been mostly a disappointment with some bright spots
  • 0.9% - It's been a total disaster
  • 2.9% - I haven't played Xbox One but I plan on doing so
  • 0.9% - I haven't played Xbox One and I don't plan on doing so
  • 0.5% - Other

  • We had 2,347 responses to the poll.
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    Just a Woody
    Just a Woody
    Posted on 25 November 16 at 16:34
    Still missing a few things....atleast they finally gave up with kinect but they need something to replace it. Not motion games wise but idk just something big. Gettig better and better but at this point there are no games im interested in...praying for a sunset overdrive 2 at some point
    Posted on 25 November 16 at 16:35, Edited on 25 November 16 at 16:48 by Stevo6483
    Only had one since last Christmas and I've loved it, but there are still some holes that need filling with regards to features and hardware we had on the 360 that we still don't have on the One, or they aren't as good as they used to be on 360. For one thing, is it too much to ask for a wireless headset?

    I've also been pretty underwhelmed by many of the early games on the One - which made it easier to hold off until last year to pick one up. Like the article mentions there were some brilliant games in the first couple of years on the 360, but on the One this really has not been the case IMO, and the fact that this year seems to have been flooded with remakes/remasters/special editions I'm still left feeling pretty underwhelmed. Don't get me wrong - there have been some brilliant games released, but the number of them just seems small.
    Stoke me a clipper, I'll be back for Christmas... Whatever!
    Posted on 25 November 16 at 16:37
    Haven't read that yet tbh, but a few things I wish they could do yet:
    • Different notifications for different things (not a big deal)- Friends online, messages, achievements in general (I know rare ones are different already), invites. At least let us customize it if we wish, as to not impose it on everyone
    •Faster console response and navigation. Seems to get hung up quite often for me, and navigation lags.
    •Better functioning party chat- can still take long to join parties, or all too often we must switch to game chat because players are showing disconnected in the party.
    Posted on 25 November 16 at 16:39
    I was a year late to the party but its still felt like its taken too long to get to the point the console is at today.
    Pom poms at the ready, cheerleaders!
    Posted on 25 November 16 at 16:49
    I think in terms of being on its own Xbox One has gone from a failure to a pretty good success in 3 years. If you look at it as something that should outsell its competitor then it has failed as it was outsold 2 to 1 for almost 3 years.

    But if you look at the changes being made over those 3 years then the console is definitely in a better place then when it started out. And with the PS4 Pro being underpowered that means the scorpio could kick MS back into top spot but sadly 25million sales just to catch up would take years. So yeah this is all very interesting.
    I'm from Buenos Aires and I say kill em all!
    Posted on 25 November 16 at 16:52
    So you say yet another excellent offering from GWG - sorry when was the last?
    Releasing popular old games and some utter garbage is not excellent.

    They should try offering littler known older titles some of us may have missed.

    Backwards compatibility is a disease that needs eradicating.

    But hell do you ever go on. Maybe a simple vote next time

    Do you enjoy playing on xbox one - Yes (Success), No (Then why you still playing)
    Posted on 25 November 16 at 16:54
    I highly support backward compatibility. That's a wise move.

    The achievement system however is now worse as more achievement glitches are reported compared to the 360.
    Crippy D
    Crippy D
    Posted on 25 November 16 at 16:57
    The only thing I would want improving is the party chat as it is currently rubbish.
    Lost Legends
    Lost Legends
    Posted on 25 November 16 at 17:06
    total disaster
    D4VE BID0
    D4VE BID0
    Posted on 25 November 16 at 17:07
    Worst console I've ever owned
    Posted on 25 November 16 at 17:07
    Don Mattrick's vision was either ahead of its time or maddeningly off target, depending on who you ask.

    This visionary took all his innovative ideas to Zynga, and look at what it brought them:


    So, yeah. roll
    Posted on 25 November 16 at 17:09
    I am slightly disappointed that I bought it day one, really wish I waited at least a year as it was a bit of a mess on launch also the games on release in my opinion were not good enough, sadly I got won over by the hype..
    The Xbox one as it is now however is a really solid console which I am enjoying a lot.
    Dancing Rob
    Dancing Rob
    Posted on 25 November 16 at 17:13
    I'm still a 360 only player, having seen absolutely nothing from either of the current gen consoles that has even vaguely inspired me to jump on board.

    A steady diet of sequels and remakes holds very little appeal, especially with the endless recycling of the same mechanics in Ubisoft games and the like. All in all, I've no intention of buying a £250 console to play games I've already played several times before.

    Whether things are better on the indie side, I don't know, but the basic problem is that I'm just not interested enough in the headline games to even try to find out.
    Posted on 25 November 16 at 17:24
    There are a few features id like to see added to the one. Put the avoid/prefer player setting. It beats blocking Ppl when trying to find certain gamers
    MH The Rockstar
    Posted on 25 November 16 at 17:34
    Mattrick's vision is one of the main reasons I bought a PS4 instead of the One. I know Spencer tried to clean up the mess but the damage was done and I have no regrets buying a PS4. However, having recently picked up the One S, I can honestly say that Xbox has come a long way in 3 years and it may one day exceed what the 360 brought to gaming. It's got a long way to go and it will be interesting to see what the Scorpio does to the console landscape in the future but I am enjoying my S considerably for the time being.
    Ha ha, charade you are!
    Posted on 25 November 16 at 17:36
    It's a good console, but it's still nowhere near as good as the 360. The 360 felt less cluttered and the games were a lot more fun.
    Posted on 25 November 16 at 17:47
    If this poll was on GameFAQs, oooooh boy, so many damn Xbox haters and diehard Playstation obssessors on there after all..

    But I agree with most here, the One has gotten so much better now after a really bad start originally. I still kept my 360 though for when I feel like gaming offline at times (and to "bank" a whole load of points and cheevos on here when I log back online on xbox live)
    Posted on 25 November 16 at 17:48
    I'm surprised you didn't comment more on the always online debacle. A good read nonetheless.
    Posted on 25 November 16 at 17:56
    "Are we as consumers yearning so greatly to replay with slight visual improvements the games that we loved just a few years ago, or have publishers gotten so gun shy, so scared to invest in unknown commodities, that they cling to giving us more of what we know?"

    These are the same thing.
    Publishers play it safe 'cause consumers constantly demand something familiar. Sometimes a developer will come along with something new that'll be a hit, and then that'll be the new 'No. We want games like this now!' Sunset Overdrive and Alien: Isolation didn't sell, The BioShock Collection and CoD: Infinite Warfare did.

    Consumers don't know what they want until they get it, so it's a publisher's job to try and guess without losing millions. Therefore, as with everything, most stuff kinda sucks for the individual. All about finding your own niche and voting with your wallet.

    Topic: I'm kewl with the Xbox One. Wish there was 'more', but that's constantly improving and I'm enjoying myself plenty at the moment.
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