Game Discussion: DiRT 2 (PC)

I'm open for online achievements

  • EvilGiygasEvilGiygas25,731
    Posted on 27 November 16 at 13:18
    Hi everybody,

    I'm searching for players interested to play online with me, so we can help each others to unlock some achievements.
  • Rion LIVERion LIVE495,597
    Posted on 28 January 17 at 05:05
    I´m only need the Online Level 30 Achievement.
  • Marathon5150Marathon5150253,223
    Posted on 14 August 19 at 03:35
    I'm down to get some online achievements. Send me a message in Xbox.
  • xTCxxTCx1,793,183
    Posted on 11 November 19 at 13:00
    Just got a Key for this, so I’m interested aswell!
  • CosminiionCosminiion800,014
    Posted on 12 November 19 at 09:09, Edited on 12 November 19 at 11:16 by Cosminiion
    I'm happy to help with Rush Hour in the foreseeable future if there will ever be another session organized in this sense, if there is a shortage of one player and if the time will be suitable for me. Organizer should message me on TA in that case.

    P.S. For anyone really wondering about the 2 discontinued achievements, it's impossible to do anything about them, other than straight up cheating them. Don't be misled to think that there is a hidden solution to this by the bunch of people who unlocked these 2 with a time stamp past the closure date of Dirtnet (24 Sep 2012). They all straight up cheated them.

    I looked into it thoroughly and these are my findings: When you attempt to check the "Current Tournament", for example, Dirt 2 simply queries the main Xbox Live production server at "", which reverses to "" (and a few other subdomains). There has never been a dedicated server for Dirtnet owned by Codemasters or anything like that.

    As to what I speculate: This leads me to believe that Dirtnet was a service hosted on Microsoft's side, as it also made it easier to integrate with leaderboards (for ghosts), which are also administered by Microsoft, and Codemasters would pay Microsoft to host this social service for them. I guess, they eventually decided it was no longer economical to keep paying Microsoft for this, so Codemasters terminated that contract (obviously with no regard for the attached achievements) and the service was turned off on Microsoft's side, never to be brought back.
  • kT EchokT Echo246,370
    Posted on 12 November 19 at 23:08
    I'm also down for online achievements here. Wonder how hard it'll be to get the 8 player achievement done
  • Marsi4egMarsi4eg93,508
    Posted on 18 November 19 at 22:31
    I'm also in for Rush Hour
  • HFD R3m0t3 j03HFD R3m0t3 j031,031,018
    Posted on 29 September 20 at 16:24
    i still have to complete the game but cant get gfwl to work right. any guides available or help?
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