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We Deserve Better

Posted on 03 December 16 at 06:56
The Game Awards are a joke and that has to change

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Posted on 03 December 16 at 07:03
Good article. The show was a letdown and it was almost embarrassing to watch.

Geoff had even promised before that his show wouldn't be commercialized and they failed spectacularly in that aspect.

TotalBiscuit did a great job in highlighting the problems with the show.
Posted on 03 December 16 at 07:08
I didn't end up watching it but this is exactly how I feared it would go. I realize it costs money to run and ads alone won't get it done, but I'm not sure this is the right path. TGA envisions itself as the Oscars of the gaming world. I don't think it will ever be that, though we might one day get an awards show of that caliber.
Posted on 03 December 16 at 07:17
Live life, play video games, repeat. Why watch this stupid show every year to have people tell you what games to like? Same reason I don't watch any other awards shows. Just a bunch of goons taking entertainment way too seriously.
Posted on 03 December 16 at 07:20
I thought the speech from Boogie2298 was also nice.
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Our Afflictions
Posted on 03 December 16 at 07:21
The show was an absolute joke.
New Paralyzer
New Paralyzer
Posted on 03 December 16 at 07:30
Wow.... That's just.... What a let down...
Posted on 03 December 16 at 07:40
After "The Walking Dead" won game of the year I kind of stopped paying attention to these. Read up on them here and there just for the lulz but that was about it. Shame the actual show was such a letdown for those who actually watched it. Here's to hoping PSX isn't super lame this weekend on top of that.
VGM 007
VGM 007
Posted on 03 December 16 at 07:51
It was so cringeworthy. It took 27-30 minutes (I gave up trying to track it) for the first award to be given out.

In defence of Geoff though, this has been & is his baby. I seem to recall reading that he was paying for or having to organize it all himself this year. So I can understand to a certain degree the benefit of sponsors, but why not just have commercials? The companies who want it will pay for ad time and if the ads are lame, that's on the company who produced them. Instead we get that stupid asinine Schick bullshit, which was pandering & mocking gamers. It's a game show, lets have our ad feature a game in some kind of way, or a mascot, gamers love that!

Some stuff needs to be cut, like best E-sports player/team? Just do a video package talking up the winning teams of the past year. Same thing for trending gamer. Instead of giving an award & singling out one specific one, recognize all the nominees & give a joint award/recognition. It would be better for the community as a whole to honor everyone, than say "you're better at making youtube videos/writing articles than this person". I know it's an award show, but leave the awards to the games & developers.
Posted on 03 December 16 at 08:20
I'm not sure gaming can ever really have an Oscars, because that event is a dinosaur that only exists because of the weight of tradition.

That's not a bad thing. The reason these projects fail is because the game IS NOT the same as the movie. I don't want a show anything like this or the Oscars because games are an interactive medium and should be celebrated interactively, at a game expo like E3 or EGX or PAX. If we must be forced to emulate anything, let it be more like Cannes.

The speech from That Dragon, Cancer was touching, but who on Earth was he really addressing? He didnt win because of a gaming public. Not even because a huge horde of journalists playing hundreds of games over a week, which is how E3 awards pan out. Just because some panel said so. It's a detachment from the sad reality that half of the people reading a list of TGA winners still don't even know what that game is.

If he'd won that significant an award at a game expo That Dragon, Cancer would be on every console by now, and such a speech would have more poignancy.

The reason TGA is littered with ads and trailers is because the actual people playing games don't care about award shows much and wouldn't miss them if they were gone. If they only award the obvious winners anyway, why should we care?

Overwatch wins loads of accolades? Shocker. Uncharted has a good story? I'm not even a PS owner and I knew that already. Ooh, who's this Nolan North guy? Must be some new, up-and-coming actor lending his voice to something completely unique, right?

The only thing that pulls the majority of gamers in to sit through the awards and cringey back-slapping is the trailers, the ads, the announcements of release dates and discounts. What does that sound like?

A freaking game expo.
Posted on 03 December 16 at 08:27
Fantastic article and I agree with it ! I think it's a very good point and a great read thanks .
Posted on 03 December 16 at 08:30
kintaris said:
Just because some panel said so.
Well the panel is made up of gaming journalists and media from the industry. The list is visible on their site. If we don't trust them to pick the winners in this case, why are we reading their reviews? Or, in our case, why are we writing reviews too? laugh People's choice is nice too, which is why we do both here on TA, but I don't think it's mandatory. Award shows, to me, are (like I said ad nauseum) a celebration, and in theory I see reason for that to exist, just not in practice when it comes to TGA.
The Minish Wolf
Posted on 03 December 16 at 08:48
Games are art just like music and films, so I do think that they deserve to be celebrated. Buuut, they are all different medias and with games being the newest of them, its still finding its footing in the world in a lot of ways.

Hopefully one day games will be on par with films.
Posted on 03 December 16 at 09:14
Every year I say to myself, "surely it can't be worse than last year, right?" and then every year it somehow manages to pull it off.
Posted on 03 December 16 at 09:18
The article writer watches Shameless!!! Yeahh!!! clap
Mobius Evalon
Mobius Evalon
Posted on 03 December 16 at 09:22
It'll continue to be crap until people stop giving it money. Everyone who tuned in and everyone who sat in the audience is responsible for it being crap because they keep showing up to see crap.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
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DucKy BaBy
DucKy BaBy
Posted on 03 December 16 at 09:26
Capitalism. Stop complaining or revolt. Bored of whingeing.
Posted on 03 December 16 at 09:30
Great article, you got this spot on. So far the only TV show to treat gaming and gamers with some respect and not belittle or patronise It's audience has been Dara O'Brien's 'Go 8 Bit' on Dave.
S P 4 C E Y
S P 4 C E Y
Posted on 03 December 16 at 09:46
DucKy BaBy said:
Capitalism. Stop complaining or revolt. Bored of whingeing.
Predictable meaningless comment. Thanks for your input.
Category 3D SFA Referee - PSIA Freestyle Ski Coach with M.A in Politics. Random huh?
Posted on 03 December 16 at 09:51, Edited on 03 December 16 at 09:57 by OfficerBarbrady
I'd prefer if there was no award shows for video games. Award shows are just popularity contests, not quality contests. The whole concept of 'nominees' is ridiculous when it's all down to fan votes. Just let the fans choose any game that released that year for their vote instead of giving the few slots to games whose publishers probably did a lot of paying or sucking to get their game in its spot.

Not to mention having any yearly awards show happen before the year is over is asinine. Have it mid-late january so any last minute releases like FF15, Steep, The Last Guardian, etc. can be considered and people have more time to digest all the new fall releases.

DucKy BaBy said:
Capitalism. Stop complaining or revolt. Bored of whingeing.
You want people to revolt over video games? laugh An opinion posted online is the best way to handle an issue with fucking VIDEO GAMES. This isn't about the election results being rigged or something like that, this is about someone's disappointment with a video game awards show. Chill.
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