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TGN First Impression: The Little Acre

  • EurydaceEurydace511,607
  • KJer25KJer25610,127
    Posted on 05 December 16 at 01:34, Edited on 05 December 16 at 01:35 by KJer25Permalink
    Not a huge fan of point and click games, but may give this one a look bc i really like the art style.
  • x Mataeus xx Mataeus x1,008,275
    Posted on 05 December 16 at 09:55Permalink
    I love the genre. Everything from Revolution, Lucasarts, and Yahtzee's adventure maker stuff is great too.

    Ask @FullMoonBeaver about this, he's 100% it already dance
    ~~~Vae Victis!~~~
    Posted on 06 December 16 at 01:51Permalink
    Man the art style is loveley
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