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Posted on 08 December 16 at 20:57
Howdy everyone.

I wanted to put together a comprehensive list of cards that have been in Duels: Origins, but are no longer, along with some details about when they were changed. I built this in part based on this thread and the link within, but the information there is not up-to-date and hard to parse sometimes. My goal is to keep this post up-to-date with each new block that gets added.

Based on experience, if you are using one of the cards that gets removed in a deck, your deck will have the new card inserted in equal numbers to replace it. E.g. I had a lot of decks that ran Perilous Myr before it got replaced with Bronze Sable (see below), when I loaded those decks after the update, they all had Bronze Sable instead. This should keep all of your decks legal to play, but can obviously dramatically impact your results. These changes may also introduce bugs in how your deck operates in the menu. If you're playing a deck with a card that gets changed, then my recommendation is to delete the old deck and just build a new one from scratch, even if it's mostly the same. After I did this, it solved most of my problems with those decks not loading right or otherwise behaving in an unexpected fashion.

Feel free to post any updates I missed below and thanks for helping me keep this list going. I've also refrained from making any editorial comments on the changes beyond noting where a card rarity changed, or where a Mythic Rare changed, as that could potentially impact the game's achievements. I'm sure we'll get into editorializing these changes in the following posts.

Oath of the Gatewatch and Shadows over Innistrad expansion (April, 2016)
( source: )
Mwonvuli Acid-Moss becomes Explosive Vegetation (Common -> Uncommon)
Dreg Reaver becomes Minotaur Abomination (Common)
Divine Favor becomes Siegecraft (Common)
Angelic Edict becomes Suppression Bonds (Common)
Axebane Stag becomes Yavimaya Wurm (Common)
Gatecreeper Vine becomes Sylvan Ranger (Common)
Azorius Guildgate becomes Meandering River (Common -> Uncommon Land)
Boros Guildgate becomes Stone Quarry (Common -> Uncommon Land)
Dimir Guildgate becomes Submerged Boneyard (Common -> Uncommon Land)
Golgari Guildgate becomes Foul Orchard (Common -> Uncommon Land)
Gruul Guildgate becomes Timber Gorge (Common -> Uncommon Land)
Izzet Guildgate becomes Highland Lake (Common -> Uncommon Land)
Orzhov Guildgate becomes Forsaken Sanctuary (Common -> Uncommon Land)
Rakdos Guildgate becomes Cinder Barrens (Common -> Uncommon Land)
Selesnya Guildgate becomes Tranquil Expanse (Common -> Uncommon Land)
Simic Guildgate becomes Woodland Stream (Common -> Uncommon Land)
Jagged-Scar Archers becomes Lifespring Druid (Uncommon -> Common)!
Perilous Myr becomes Bronze Sable (Common)
Foundry Street Denizen becomes Goblin Balloon Brigade (Common)
Elite Vanguard becomes Expedition Envoy (Common -> Uncommon)!

Eldritch Moon expansion (August, 2016)
(source: [cites a no-longer existant patch notes page])
Sylvan Ranger becomes Ainok Guide (Common)
Archangel of Tithes becomes Angelic Destiny (Mythic Rare)
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