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BlazBlue: Continuum Shift EXTEND Screenshots

  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 13 October 11 at 16:02
    I hope Arc System Works publishes it over here, loved this game and have been wanting the new story modes for ages.
  • Posted on 13 October 11 at 20:52
    I really hope that Reluis isnt the only added character... i was hoping they'd add Jubei or Kokonoe too...
  • Posted on 13 October 11 at 20:55
    This is freaking ridiculous if it has all new achievements, ala Lost Panet: Colonies, MvC3:UE, SSFIV. I guess the difference with that was that Lost Planet's DLC didn't have achievements.

    Since I own Continuum Shift I would need to get all the achievements, download the DLC and get the achievements, and then pick up BB:CSE and probably get all the same achievements again (sans a few new story mode related cheevos) then pray that there is no DLC for that later on.
    Of course I don't have to do this, but if you like having completed series then this offers quite the predicament.

    And analysts wonder why the console video game market has seen such a decline in new game sales, a major contributing factor is because gamers are starting to pick up on the fact that we won't get the full experience from the game until a year or so after it's released. Why drop $60 (or more for collector's editions) and then fork over another $10-$15 every 3-4 months afterward for breadcrumbs of content?

    All these fucking micro-transactions are going to turn me into a strictly PC gamer, at least those games become F2P eventually.
    Feel free to add me or message me for assistance on any similar games =)
  • Posted on 14 October 11 at 02:56
    I may pick this one up
  • Posted on 14 October 11 at 07:11
    Is it being released in the UK too? :(
  • Posted on 14 October 11 at 07:57
    Finally, story for Makoto! For great victory!
  • LexualLexual371,110
    Posted on 14 October 11 at 09:42
    Jellybean468 said:
    Is it being released in the UK too? :(
    No details have emerged yet of a European release, but if it is announced we'll be sure to let the community know.
  • Posted on 17 October 11 at 10:20
    Wouldn`t make any sense NOT releasing it in Europe. But it didn´t make any sense releasing Arcana Heart 3 NOT in the US so........
    Maybe I actually need to import it plus an NTSC console *sigh*
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