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Reminder: Redeem Your Free Xbox One Copy of Bastion if You Owned the 360 Version

  • Posted on 12 December 16 at 19:28Permalink
    thank you for posting a link! I had looked on the site and any other gaming news site that talked about this but could not find the page for it! thanks again!
  • lugadilugadi133,498
    Posted on 12 December 16 at 20:51Permalink
    It's been long enough (how time flies) so I definitely want to play through it again.
    So, where do I sign?
  • JMJimmyJMJimmy453,049
    Posted on 12 December 16 at 21:10Permalink
    Vr English said:
    Good post, for anyone in the UK here is the link:

    for anywhere else just change gb to your country (just like I did with the one the poster helpfully provided :) )
    Just an FYI - if you remove the en-gb entirely it will default to your account settings so you don't have to have "regional" links, one link is good for all.

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  • Posted on 12 December 16 at 22:51Permalink
    Very enjoyable game. smile
  • Posted on 12 December 16 at 23:16Permalink
    I'm g9nna wait until this week's sales go live (just in case) then grab the 360 version for the deal.
  • Posted on 12 December 16 at 23:17Permalink
    I8ITackyticsI8I said:
    Thanks for the reminder. Can I buy it on the 360 now to get it for free on the one til Jan 1st?
    I just purchased it on the 360 and now I am downloading the Xbox One copy for free! So yes you can. smile
  • Wicked JeiWicked Jei440,320
    Posted on 13 December 16 at 00:02Permalink
    Damn, I completed this on the 360, but since I bought it using a friends tag, I didn't officially own it (it was tied to the xbox, not my account), so I can't get it for free.
    Ohhhh well, it was a nice game, but i'd only replay it for the easy achievements anyway
  • Master AOMaster AO521,795
    Posted on 13 December 16 at 00:08Permalink
    What a great game! I had no idea this offer was available, thanks for the heads up smile
    Old School Gamer
  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,329,715
    Posted on 13 December 16 at 02:25Permalink
    Never even noticed this game on 360. Good chance it will be a GwG on Xb1 though. It fits the profile. Sometime next year I bet it will be. :)
  • Posted on 13 December 16 at 08:31Permalink
    Things like this are why I use TA. There are so many short term specials out there, I could never keep track of them all.
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  • Posted on 13 December 16 at 10:47Permalink
    WebMan said:
    ZeroAE77 said:
    Are there any improvements or extra content? Or is it just an HD port?
    ^ this

    I downloaded a copy but doubt I will replay it unless there are some substantial changes to the game.
    It includes the Stranger's dream (the wave based hold out thing, but telling some backstory on the narrator) and Score attack mode. Both of which are I believe new compared to the 360 version, where they were PC DLC only I believe. So nothing major but it looks better than I remember it so they may have updated the visuals.
  • Stevo6483Stevo6483199,685
  • SkridgerSkridger273,241
    Posted on 13 December 16 at 13:41, Edited on 13 December 16 at 13:45 by SkridgerPermalink
    I could have sworn I owned this on the 360, but it's not showing up free for me. I must be mistaken. Haven't played it, but I own a lot of games I haven't played yet. Large backlog.

    Edit: Yup, verified that I don't own it. Purchased it for 360 and was able to download both! LOL
  • JimhSnrJimhSnr248,954
    Posted on 13 December 16 at 13:45Permalink
  • VenturaDKVenturaDK245,569
    Posted on 13 December 16 at 14:18Permalink
    Thanks for the reminder :)
  • Posted on 13 December 16 at 19:12Permalink
    Thanks TA and whoever is responsible for
    something positive that really makes sense.
  • ElyohElyoh792,977
    Posted on 15 December 16 at 07:05Permalink
    I've played and finished this on the 360, yet don't own it apparently. I don't have other people putting licenses onto my console, so I don't know how it happened...I thought I was getting a free game cry
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