Game Discussion: Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin

Glitched achievemenets?

  • Posted on 15 December 16 at 05:07Permalink
    I am at the endgame, but I didn't unlock the achievements for beating the game nor did I get the one for lighting all of the fires on the map...

    They aren't "done, unlocking..." as far as i can tell, they are both secret achievements so i cant see their details.

    Is there a way I can fix this? I just unlocked achievements in another game, and logged back into dark souls and they havent appeared yet.. it's been about two days now and I would be really upset if I played the game for 80 hours only to not get any of my achievements for not actually beating the last boss...

    Today I also joined a covenant that should have popped an achievement but it didn't, so it's two days in a row of not being able to unlock achievements for this game in particular.
    ...But why is the rum gone???
  • Posted on 05 January 17 at 20:43Permalink
    Just an update, I've been logging in on Dark Souls II almost every day since and still haven't popped anything, I have now killed Vendrick and the achievement for him popped for me. I guess I'll just never get the other achievements..
    ...But why is the rum gone???
  • Posted on 22 June 17 at 05:25Permalink
    Did you kill Nashandra and see one of the endings?
    You ever wonder why we're here?
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