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7 Day Survivor Bug?

  • Posted on 16 December 16 at 04:53, Edited on 26 December 16 at 23:14 by BreakingBear101
    So I was doing 7-day survivor offline. I read somewhere on this site that it is recommended to do so, just to avoid any profile sign-ins or title updates and what not. I went and hit Day 7 and there was that bar that lets you know you get an achievement. It was 7-day survivor, and when it popped up I was like "Great, now I'll reconnect to live and the achievement will pop." So I did just that and once I did, it let me know that the xbox requires an update.

    I thought to just kill myself so that the game time is saved on the console and the achievement would pop after I updated the console. But it didn't pop, and it still hasn't popped. This was almost a week ago.

    I tried to get the achievement again while keeping my console online and I made it to about Day 3 when it decided to do a profile sign-out.

    So the point of this post is basically, do any of you think that there is a chance the achievement will pop by itself, or that it would even pop if I did the 7 days while online? I even have the laser sword and Arthur's boxers in the security room so it's not like the game didn't save the fact that I got to 7 days.

    Since I personally have no issue with doing this achievement again I wouldn't be against doing it, it's not like its difficult but it is time consuming. I'm just curious if there may be a fix out there for this issue I have, rather than repeating the 14 hours again.

    I appreciate any help or advice that any of you give!smile

    UPDATE: Going for the achievement once again. Was about to hit 5 days so I reconnected to XBL. Once 5 days was hit, no achievement popped and no in game notification showed up. So I am unsure as to what I should do right now.

    My current plan is that I will continue on to 7 days, but stay offline until the 7 days is hit. Once that happens I will reconnect to XBL and kill myself so that the leaderboard is registered at the very least. Maybe that will trigger something. I have no clue what I should do anymore, so here's hoping.

    UPDATE #2: Achievement did not pop at 7 days, so I am now just going to hope it pops up randomly.

    Happy Holidays everybody!toast
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  • Posted on 20 August 17 at 18:08
    I'd suppose that an update is due because I am glad to say that the two "glitched" achievements have been unlocked months after my previous attempts.

    I deleted any Dead Rising save from Xbox Live and my console. I started from scratch and built up my character enough to play infinite mode again. I got to Day 5 and switched my console online right before it would unlock and boom, the achievement unlocks.

    Thinking that I'm golden and just need to make it to the 7th day, I keep going and right around 6:23:55, I switch my console online. Once I did this, of course there is an Xbox title update and I think I'm screwed. So I just reach 7 days and then I connect to Xbox Live. I updated immediately after getting to the 7th day. I did not quit the game or anything.

    Upon returning to the Xbox home after the update, I did not get any notification for an achievement, however the achievement was unlocked in my achievement app. Anyways, I'm happy to be finally finished with this

    Just hoping that leaving these posts here will be able to assist anyone else who may run into such a heartbreaking issue with this game.
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  • Posted on 29 August 19 at 11:47
    Do you think it was a delayed unlock. I'm "appearing offline" and just unlocked laser sword... But no 5 day survivor achievement. I'll be gutted after sitting here all this time. I'm still playing to get to 7 day survivor, hoping that unlocks as it should. I really don't want to have to do this again. Any suggestions?
  • Posted on 29 August 19 at 11:48
    P. S. I'm also appearing online now just in case it was that
  • Posted on 21 July 20 at 16:31
    I’m having a similar issue where I unlocked both the laser sword and Arthur’s boxers but no achievements. I played until day 7 twice last week but still have got no achievements. I’ve been looking for help everywhere I could and this seems to be the only post where someone has had similar problems to me. I guess I’ll give this method a shot and see if gets me the achievements.
  • Posted on 27 August 20 at 04:41
    Update: Following OP’s suggestion, I completely erased all my saved data in Dead Rising and started all over, working my way up to reaching level 50 and getting the megabuster. Prior to starting my most recent run of infinity mode, I made sure to be playing offline. I switched my Xbox to online just as I was about to get 5 Day Survivor. I got the in-game notification and laser sword, however, I didn’t get the achievement. Deciding not to give up, I switched the Xbox back to being offline and continued playing. At about 6 days 18hrs I switched my Xbox back online again. A few minutes later 5 Day Survivor unlocked. I then switched back to offline and continued playing until just before7 Day Survivor would’ve unlocked. Just like before, the in-game notification popped up but no achievement. I once again switched back offline for a few minutes before reconnecting my Xbox and a few minutes later the achievement popped. I’m so happy to be finally done with these god forsaken achievements. It took me four full attempts to get them to unlock!
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    Posted on 20 January 21 at 02:47, Edited on 20 January 21 at 02:51 by Bort Bortson
    The only bugs I know are the food court is glitched and crashes the game on like day 3.

    I completed it offline on a physical disc on the 360 many years ago. I did it offline as it crashed on me once when I lost connection. It also crashed when my plug and play charger got fully charged and then various times that were rrod related. Like I said many years ago.

    I was offline the entire time and did 5 and 7 same run. The 7 day immediately popped once the timer hit 7 days. It saved my progress to the leaderboards once I reconnected. I remember because I was curious to see how many people immediately died at day 7 and 5 seconds and were happy to be over it.

    Thinking of that may be the issue. I dont remember if day 5 popped and then later 7 did when I died or if it was immediate but I remember I died to "lock in" my time. I also did it from my full 100% progress game. My suggestion do it offline and die once you hit 7 days and it should pop. I was in the food court since I just wanted to camp the last few hours and let a zombie kill me so I didn't load a new area then die.

    *edit* forgot again that dead rising xbox one is technically different from dead rising 360 so my advice may not apply to this exact version. I was checking the forum since its games with gold to see if anyone was posting when I saw this thread lol
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