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A great ending - Glitched

Mr Chaotix
Mr Chaotix
Posted on 18 December 16 at 01:39, Edited on 18 December 16 at 01:39 by Mr Chaotix
I believe this is only glitched for people who start the game after the most recent patch.
I've played through the game twice now, on two different saves, the achievement for completing the game did not unlock.
On the Xbox App it shows my storyline % at 0%, but in-game it says 100%, so I'm guessing that has something to do with it...

Ginger: Beyond The CrystalSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Ginger: Beyond The Crystal worth 162 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement
Posted on 18 December 16 at 02:53, Edited on 18 December 16 at 18:57 by Retrologue
I'm setting the same thing. The achievement progress is not updating with the game progress.

I should also note that I was part way through the game before the patch, so it may be that the progress for this achievement just isn't updating no matter where you were prior.
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