Game Discussion: Fragments of Him

GOTY 2016

  • Taipei KindomTaipei Kindom1,476,874
    Posted on 27 December 16 at 12:11
    Garbage of the Year .... Sorry I know it's not easy to make a game but I have to say, I have no idea what I've played. Bad games like Soda Drink Pro and Goat Simulator at least they are played like games. But this? This is not even a game! It''s just like a program with animated graphics and boring dialogue, which shouldn't be placed on XBOX One! OMG!
    Personal opinion.
  • SpilnerSpilner1,038,562
    Posted on 27 December 16 at 17:35
    Then I guess you missed the story being told, I'm a cunt and I still got the depth in the story.

    (Yes its badly made gameplaywise but still)
    Pom poms at the ready, cheerleaders!
  • TropanTropan1,061,748
    Posted on 04 March 17 at 08:36
    Just played it. Not a game, but an experience. I would assume everyone could relate to this somewhat, but maybe not.

    Wonderful story telling that is able to express a situation which nearly everyone will go through.

    "it's just like a program with animated graphics and boring dialogue" is probably the worst way to ever describe this little gem of emotion.
  • BahaumautBahaumaut1,536,125
    Posted on 29 April 17 at 05:05
    It's one of those "Walking Simulator" types, where it tries to weave a story around very limited actions, mostly via voiceovers. The kind of which you are generally railroaded through with a few possible forks in the road. They tend to be 'artsy', unfortunately falling over to being 'pretentious'.

    I like the idea of games more like Yume Nikki; you explore a place, possibly find skills and abilities that let you explore more of it, but rather than being force-fed the story on a metaphorical train ride, you discover more and more things, and come up with the possible story on your own. Things like, "What are the shadows?" or, "Why do they flee instead of attacking while I'm holding the war medal?". Having logs around can also work; somewhat similar to voiceovers, but if you find them on your own, or in disjointed fashion, it slowly builds the world, its history.

    My concern for this specific game is, why the hell is it 10 Gigabytes? That's a lot of space for not a lot of "there" there.
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