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Ability to clone Gaming sessions and create repeating Gaming Sessions

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  • Posted on 29 December 16 at 00:00Permalink
    Cloning Sessions

    If you like the scope of someone else's session or want to repeat your own - clone it and edit the date. This means no more selecting achievements from long lists.

    Repeating Sessions

    Just like creating a meeting invite on email - repeat daily, weekly and ad hoc by date. Saves multiple session creations.

    Essentially because when doing things like Gears 4 or Titanfall Gen 10 you create multiple sessions the same. And if you are like me you can only do once a week
  • KenH2k4KenH2k4549,141
    Posted on 29 December 16 at 01:51Permalink
    I like this! It would definitely be useful
  • rafter84rafter84612,700
    Posted on 30 December 16 at 17:21Permalink
    Nice idea Phil! Well done.
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  • Posted on 01 January 17 at 01:13Permalink
  • matdanmatdan750,162
    Posted on 01 January 17 at 16:04Permalink
    Can't plus one but great idea.

    In addition these should stack on your feed like how achievements stack or it only shows a set number of sessions i.e. 3. I find Gears sessions already crowd my feed on occasion and this would make it even more crowded.
  • Posted on 13 July 17 at 09:53Permalink
    I want this!
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 13 July 17 at 15:51Permalink
    Weird I'm sure I suggested this year's ago and I got flamed by ppl saying you can just duplicate tabs.

    Oh well it's planned anyway.
  • matdanmatdan750,162
    Posted on 18 July 17 at 13:15Permalink
    Just saying thanks for adding this.

    Only issue I have is that it doesn't copy session notes across but otherwise awesome feature, will use this a lot.

    Guess it is no longer planned and instead implemented.
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  • DaveKineticDaveKinetic598,367
  • Posted on 20 July 17 at 00:49Permalink
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