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Not getting rewards.

Pixel Warrior58
Posted on 01 January 17 at 21:34
Ok, so I've been playing Titanfall 2 for awhile now but when ever I unlock a achievement that is sopposed to give you a reward, the ones with the dimanods next to them, I never get the reward. So far this happened with '...Becomes the master' 'you can be my wing man any day' and 'cowboy up'. I did get a reward for 'reowned pilot' though.
Posted on 01 January 17 at 21:51
Achievements with diamond icons next to them, at least to the extent of my knowledge, do not unlock rewards. The diamond signifies achievement rarity.
Pixel Warrior58
Posted on 01 January 17 at 22:02
Thank you, I always thought it meant you get a reward. We learn something new everyday i guess!
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