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Tunes and design cheevos

Posted on 06 January 17 at 00:57
Im looking to start these. If you let me know what kind of car you want them on i will buy it and do a tune and design. I can easily trade these and also work towards some of the online ones too. Looking for forza 5 MP medals also
Posted on 18 July 17 at 17:23
I have a session up.
Posted on 09 August 17 at 07:45
I will happily do this for anyone if they will help me by buying my tunes and designs! Send me a message and ill help you out.

Currently all my tunes and designs are for the Toyota GT86. Please download and like to help! Again shoot me a message so I know and let me know what car you did the tune and design on.

I made 12 designs for the GT86 (basics) I am not good at designing stuff lol and 1 tune.

Appreciate any help!
Yellows OUFC
Yellows OUFC
Posted on 10 August 17 at 11:00
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