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ID@Xbox Releases: Week Beginning January 9th, 2017

  • deluxnugsdeluxnugs551,305
    Posted on 10 January 17 at 00:17Permalink
    I like the look of that Dead Effect.
  • Posted on 10 January 17 at 00:19, Edited on 10 January 17 at 00:26 by FightingMegaFooPermalink
    IAteA11ThePies said:
    nightw0lf said:
    FightingMegaFoo said:
    How does Nevermind know your reactions? shock Wouldn't you need some sort of peripheral? I highly doubt the Kinect is sensitive enough to detect changes in heart rate, breathing patterns, skin moisture, and pupil dilation.
    The Xbox One's Kinect actually CAN detect heart rate. When they announced that in 2013, I immediately hoped some game developer would be crazy enough to use that to impact your game. This may be the first one to actually do it.

    Here's some info:
    That's pretty cool, thanks for the link.

    If this is the system they are using I wonder who will be the first person to report back about success, or lack of, by gaming wearing a mask in an attempt to fool the system?
    Achievement Solution:

    In order to ensure easiest difficulty, place 2 TVs in the same room back to back. One hooked up to your Xbox, the other hooked up to either stream or play a DVD of old Bob Ross painting shows.

    Have you're father/grandfather watch the Bob Ross show with the Kinect pointed towards him, while you play the game on the other TV.

    Easiest difficulty guaranteed smile.
  • WhyattThrashWhyattThrash336,821
    Posted on 10 January 17 at 00:27Permalink
    ...or just disable your kinect
  • Posted on 10 January 17 at 02:17, Edited on 10 January 17 at 02:24 by FightingMegaFooPermalink
    WhyattThrash said:
    ...or just disable your kinect
  • KanchanaburiKanchanaburi1,149,004
    Posted on 10 January 17 at 07:56Permalink
    Nevermind when VR becomes available. Other than that - NONE OF THEM!
  • Posted on 10 January 17 at 08:24Permalink
    pit people looks dope and in depth.
  • Posted on 10 January 17 at 08:57Permalink
    Nevermind and Rise & Shine look good

    Sylvio looks.. terrible..
  • Legohead 1977Legohead 19771,050,533
    Posted on 10 January 17 at 09:37Permalink
    Pit people and the Acorn game, though 25 levels doesn't sound that many.

    Nevermind is an interesting idea, but the movement seems painfully slow.

    Rise and Shine looks nice, but a bit manic for my tastes. Dead Effect looks like it'll get samey pretty fast.

    Sylvio looks bad, but may be interesting depending how good the story is.

    I'm not at all interested in the bullet catching one!
    Legohead 1977
  • K1NG StyleZK1NG StyleZ668,324
    Posted on 10 January 17 at 11:55Permalink
    Really nice games I think laugh I keep n eye on it.
    Posted on 10 January 17 at 15:38Permalink
    Dead Space 2 looks
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 10 January 17 at 15:42Permalink
    ID@XBOX is the best thing to happen to the Xboxone IMO
  • DANIELJJ14DANIELJJ141,257,075
    Posted on 10 January 17 at 15:55Permalink
    Friday night bullet arena looks like the worst couch versus game I've ever seen, and there have been some pretty bad ones in the past year or so.

    Rise and Shine and Pit People could be good though.
  • ElyohElyoh795,167
    Posted on 11 January 17 at 04:48Permalink
    Acorn Assault and Pit People both look good to me.
    No God, know fear. Know God, no fear.
  • DE4N MUFCDE4N MUFC683,812
    Posted on 11 January 17 at 19:02Permalink
    Are most of these for US only? On the UK store there is only Dead Effect 2 and Rise & Shine.
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