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Information Posted on 10 January 17 at 22:08
Please use this thread to discuss the The Banner Saga 2 walkthrough
Information Posted on 31 January 17 at 20:33
The walkthrough has now been published.

You can find it here: The Banner Saga 2 Walkthrough
Posted on 18 May 19 at 18:57, Edited on 18 May 19 at 19:10 by TheOnlyMatto
Love the walk through so far man but I have a few comments to share

1) your pre banner saga 2 guide doesn't mention that you need Eirik, it actually suggests to have two saves both of which would leave Eirik and have the dredge baby.

2) your pre banner saga 2 guide doesn't mention that if you end the game in a negative moral that it will nullify your chances of getting the achievement High spirits.

I know it sounds dumb but I deleted all saves other than the pregame saves you suggested. So I just finished an additional run through easy mode on banner saga 1 to get Eirik, alive and in the group for the bear achievement and High moral in the green when i ended.

It might be worth adding a possible 3rd run on easy, using rook, and that made the achievement Against all odds so easy. I also kept the item equipped that you suggested for an additional 3 break points but it unequipped all my characters at game start for some reason. Might be a glitch or an update that caused these side effects, I don't blame the guide. I tested and it worked, just a glitch.

Thanks again man
See you in Valhalla
Posted on 18 May 19 at 23:30, Edited on 18 May 19 at 23:36 by TheOnlyMatto
Intense repossession : you mention later on that you can gain the achievement in more than one fight, but not when you first mention the achievement. it would be useful to know it doesn't have to be 10 in one fight.

Battle #14

You will set up camp after the battle. Speak to Zefr here and go through the conversatuon. Zefr and Nikels will


Once Eyeless is down, you will have the choice to end the fight right there or continue and eliminate Eyeless once and for all. Choose to continue and more enemies will enter the fight (this is why we weakened/killed the first lot). Eyeless will be incapacitated for the second fight, but you will need to deal with Stonesingers, Gloomwardens and Direguards instead. As soon as you defeat the last enemy and the battle is over, you will unlock:

just gotta kill the eyeless' unconscious body which has no armor. So much easier

Battle #31

After the battle, Rugga will approach for a chat and tells you of his plans. Go through the conversation how you like before being taken to the city map. This is your last opportunity to go for Master Tactician. If you have been taking part in every battle and making all the right choices, you should have had enough renown to get at least six of your characters to rank 10 (especially if you carried renown over from TBS1). To make sure we do not void the Normal difficulty achievement, we will not do the battle right now and will safe it for a little later.

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Posted on 19 May 19 at 19:43
Amazing guide man,

Potential Easy Playthrough:

Battle # 16

On easy the eyeless achievement seems a lot more believable in one round.

Battle #20

on easy at level 6 Bolverk could've obtained culled the weak because he soloed 8 enemies in his first round, ending the whole fight.

Battles #26 & #27

Definitely easier to kill the eyeless, for achievement sundr slayer, on easy

Final boss fight :

I one shot him without having to stun him with a shield bash into lightning runes, so it was extremely fast.

I am not suggesting re-writing your amazing guide which i am currently at 900/1000. I am suggesting that you add an easy run, after the hard run, as an optional potentially necessary run depending on luck. Thank you again, I have nothing else to add. On to my hard run.
See you in Valhalla
Posted on 22 May 19 at 19:56
hard run:

"As with chapter eight, I suggest taking part in all possible battles in your first chapter with Bolverk to establish a decent team. Focus on Folka & Bolverk first as they are the most important members of the party then try to have the others catch up as quickly as you can. You should be able to reach the suggested ranks by the end of chapter eleven.

The only fight I would suggest skipping is the snowstorm battle. To avoid it when you first meet Sefa shortly after the chapter's Godstone, go with the normal choice of 'Don't get involved,' then follow with 'Wave the Ravens away and depart.' This will see Sefa die and completely avoid the snowstorm fight which is quite tough on Hard as you only get Bolverk, Folka and Bak."

you should also avoid saying

say 'And separate me from my Ravens? No' which will give you an extra battle later. in chapter 9 because you won't have to start chapter 11 in a fight with sparr who was super weak in my group. I found it easier to use less people in each fight as it seems to spawn less enemies or give you more turns with your better guys.

in Battle #24 where you have to destroy the chunks of ice, sigbjorn at level 7 can solo it easier than sending a group. He doesnt enter pillage mode so he attacks every other turn. No one gets close to him by the time he destroys them all if you start in the top right corner and use tempest. Equipped Dundr's hand. You only get 2 renown but it makes the fight easy (worked on easy as well)

"Once in Arberrang, you will be asked what to do next. Choose to go with Oddleif to stop the troublemakers then tell the people causing a problem to walk back to their fires for a battle." (Normal walk through)

If you instead go with hakkon, setting up defenses, you avoid another needless fight. My guys were all level 10 at this point. Get to the end faster.

Just got my 1000 and dude your guides are amazing. I am only trying to help so feel free to ignore anything i've said if you do not agree. On to the third!
See you in Valhalla
Posted on 22 May 19 at 20:07, Edited on 22 May 19 at 20:09 by TheOnlyMatto
NOPE im back!!!! Sorry man but this got me (seeing as how i already ran the game an additional time to get all achievements)

Prep for 3:
"When you find an injured Stonesinger whilst controlling Bolverk's caravan, allow it to live and come with you (TBS2)"

Man can you add this to the hard play through? or even the potential easy play through cuz IF i had known you would have saved me at least 8 hours a few hours (Ill load a save on easy close to this point) that i am about to have to play again... Either way the way you have set up the guides it really looks like you set us up for an additional run than is necessary. an easy run could solve the vast majority of this
See you in Valhalla
Yinga Garten
Yinga Garten
Posted on 22 May 19 at 21:17
Please if you have any issues with a walkthrough, put them all in a notepad document as you come across them during the playthrough and then post all of them in one post. There's no need for so many posts. A lot of these seem to be up to the owner and not desperate fixes anyway.
Posted on 23 May 19 at 05:21
The individual posts dont bother me. It's actually better if they add stuff as they find it for me. I will make some changes but a lot of it is personal preference.
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