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NBA 2K18 Announced

Posted on 14 January 17 at 21:05
Yeah I think I'm done buying these games. Especially at launch. It'll be on sale every other week two weeks after it comes out. And haha on the Christmas sale post. Good stuff. But yeah I played the hell outta 15 and 16 but I'm just not interested this year in it. I'm guilty of mindlessly preordering every year. And not sure why. They don't give u anything good to preorder anyway.
South Park TFBW
Posted on 14 January 17 at 21:43
I never understood why Series like CoD get shit for being "the same thing every year" meanwhile sports game are basically a copy and paste of last year's game except with better graphics. I don't know why people buy this year after year after year.
Posted on 14 January 17 at 21:43
It won't be long until pressing start to play costs 500 VC
G O I7ofL 1 V E
Posted on 15 January 17 at 01:03
Looks like I'll have my basketball fix once again.
G O DofL 1 V E
Posted on 15 January 17 at 06:53, Edited on 15 January 17 at 07:16 by SirBaxter77
Used to be a big fan, but after releasing NBA 2K17 with a glitched achievement they lost my respect. Contacted 2k and they told me gamers on PS4 unlocked the trophy, so it must not be glitched. 2K Games has ruined the WWE franchise and NBA games now. An awful company that will never change their ways, because people mindlessly buy their games and only play one game mode.
Yeah, NBA2K15 (200+ hours) and NBA2K16 (300+ hours) are among the best sports games I ever played and among the games I have spent the most time with on my Xbox and even made me a huge fan of the sport. But NBA2K17 did not have the same feel and a out of the box unobtainable achievement/trophy which they fix for Playstation but still 4 months after release have not patched for Xbox really pisses me off. I have played NBA2K17 for just 8 hours and there is no way I am buying NBA2K18.

If 2K give us the finger, then boycot is the only option. EA woke up after the Battlefield 4 mess, time for 2K to step up. If I really need a basketball game with an updated roster in september 2017 I will give EA my money.
I ManuBad iT I
Posted on 16 January 17 at 08:04
NBA 2K18?

Dear 2K first fix achievemeents glitch thanks.
The life is hard, if you are tard is hardest!
K1NG StyleZ
K1NG StyleZ
Posted on 16 January 17 at 13:26
Yeah that shock news... i dont care...
Posted on 16 January 17 at 14:00
I was surprised.
Founder of the BGLC
Posted on 16 January 17 at 14:22
Does this really need reporting? It's as un-newsworthy as saying "the sun will rise tomorrow morning". There'd be more of a story if they weren't releasing the game.

Even if this one does come with another 'Prelude' I'll be steering clear of it. I tried last year's to see if it was anything to get excited about and regretted it. Worst couple of hours gaming I've had in a long time.
Stoke me a clipper, I'll be back for Christmas... Whatever!
Posted on 16 January 17 at 21:49
The SCHWARTZ 00 said:
Once upon a time, this would have been preordered ASAP. Now, 2K would have to pay me to play their shit. It's still technically a great game....but it's now a giant money pit. Microtransaction-fest 100%. I can't support the route they've chosen.

And also, the NBA 2K online community is hands down the worst on the entire internet. Pure scum, all of them.
I agree completely. If they at least kept there servers up I would consider playing the games to completion but since they don't care to do so I've banned buying any games with 2K servers. I still don't understand how you can play ranked matches in 2K10 but not 2K12.
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