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List of GFWL Games Still Available Digitally (Updated 1/22/19)

  • Posted on 27 July 18 at 01:09, Edited on 27 July 18 at 01:10 by Boosting BotPermalink
    If you guys need keys for GFWL that are not the generic key you will have to buy the disk version of the game.
    Vitiated1 said:
    Any information on Iron Brigade (PC) Achievements?
    If you want to do that game you have to have a strong firewall, and malware detector and search the web for the iso version that was floating around with gfwl enabled. I will see if I can still find it.
  • T1M3T1M3114,571
    Posted on 20 November 18 at 08:15, Edited on 20 November 18 at 08:35 by T1M3Permalink
    As of December 2018, I have access to working GFWL games:
    - dirt3
    - dirt2
    - and resident evil 5 (steam beta, offline)
    all via Steam.

    F1 2010 (PC) only downloads within USA. If it even works at all.. If anyone has a key they can PM me when they're done with it, let me know ~ otherwise I have no choice but to retire the game with only a couple achievements cry

    Thanks for the list though! I'm currently finishing Resident Evil 5 before I lose the ability to finish the achievements forever! Syncing the achievements with other installed GFWL products.
  • JumboWarioJumboWario695,850
    Posted on 22 January 19 at 23:33, Edited on 23 January 19 at 00:39 by JumboWarioPermalink
    -A majority of the Amazon codes are no longer available.
    -Added GMG
    Game On.
  • Posted on 03 August 19 at 22:52, Edited on 03 August 19 at 22:54 by XI AlphaMale IXPermalink
    This is great, thanks.

    How exactly do I unlock achievements. If I just play on Steam will Xbox achievements unlock?
  • JumboWarioJumboWario695,850
    Posted on 04 August 19 at 02:05Permalink
    Once you install the game will prompt you to sign into xbox live and you'll input the CD key you got from Steam and you should be good.
    Game On.
  • TheJudge24TheJudge24243,006
    Posted on 09 January 20 at 14:18, Edited on 10 January 20 at 00:22 by TheJudge24Permalink
    I have the GFWL disc version of Resident Evil 5 with the product key. I'm not totally sure how I can install the game and still unlock the GFWL achievements for it. Yesterday, I attempted to install it on my Windows 10 PC, but the game would not install for some reason, and when I installed and signed into the latest version of the GFWL client, it seemed like the client was not working correctly. I signed me in, but it was displaying my gamerscore as 0.

    I was going to try installing it from the disc again later today, but is there something different I should do? Do I have to play the game on a Windows 7 PC? Is there an easier way?

    I'm not really familiar with everything related to the GFWL service or games on the service.

    Edit: I was able to redeem the product key on Steam, switch to the GFWL beta version in Steam, signed into GFWL, and was able to unlock a couple of GFWL achievements. Looks like the old disc I have for the game is bad. I tried multiple DVD drives and none could completely read all the data on the disc. Luckily I could redeem the key through Steam!
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