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I said Horatio dies! achievement not unlocking?

  • Posted on 15 January 17 at 17:02Permalink
    For those who have the achievement, when did it exactly pop for you? I've played well through the game multiple times on different saves and I still haven't unlocked it. I would assume it is supposed to pop right after the first battle...
  • QuickdontdieQuickdontdie458,831
    Posted on 15 January 17 at 18:04Permalink
    It pops later than you would think. Might've been when I first entered the town?
  • Posted on 15 January 17 at 18:41Permalink
    I thought the same thing, but it'll unlock eventually. Just keep playing through the story.
  • Posted on 15 January 17 at 18:51Permalink
    Thanks! I also received a reply from The Behemoth: "The first achievement you unlock should trigger after finishing the tutorial, when the space bear moves the city for the first time."
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