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Looking for some help

Posted on 28 January 11 at 12:59
I got a single achievement in this game years ago (long before I cared about achievements) and now I'm stuck replaying the game for completion purposes. I've played for a few hours and I simply cannot get my head wrapped around the basics so I'm looking for someone who can meet me online and sort of give me a tutorial with examples and explanations so I can hopefully get a better grasp on general gameplay. Thanks!
Posted on 29 January 11 at 20:11
I don't know if it could be explained through talking, as it's the actual actions of your thumb that you need to get your head around to do the tricks etc. To compete online you have to learn to trick into manual then out of manual, and mentally note which combinations you have done so you don't repeat tricks. Was so proud when I got the achievement for doing every trick once :)
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