Game Discussion: Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

2017 update - anyone still playing this?

  • Posted on 17 January 17 at 05:10
    was hoping to knock out a couple achievements online. anyone interested?
  • Pra1s3Th3SunPra1s3Th3Sun232,594
    Posted on 17 January 17 at 13:24
    Ive been meaning to complete this on this profile for ages, just waiting on finding someone local who can 5* expert songs since theres no online coop story. Ill give you a shout for the online stuff if I manage to find someone soon. smile
  • WiznyattWiznyatt1,483,479
    Posted on 06 February 17 at 07:20
    I'd love to complete this game but finding someone locally who wants to put in the time and isn't rusty as hell is going to be tough.
  • Posted on 10 February 17 at 03:13
    agreed, but there are still several achievements that CAN be completed online!
  • Posted on 04 July 17 at 06:01
  • Aggro GrafAggro Graf396,041
    Posted on 14 July 17 at 22:43
    I am interested, shoot me a PM or message on XBL if interested.
  • NickMoore911NickMoore911463,127
    Posted on 19 July 17 at 09:03
    Down to boost with anyone who still needs it. I just need the 500 wins, and I'm about 100 in so far.
    PM me if you need to boost something, I'm always happy to help! *Full-time EMT and RN student. Thanks in advance for your patience with my schedule
  • Posted on 07 August 17 at 03:47
    hoping to start boosting at the end of this month. will message those who posted above, but always looking for more people!
    Posted on 18 August 17 at 04:32
    I still need to knock out a bunch of achievements as well and am available most nights (9pm-midnight CST)
  • Posted on 01 September 17 at 03:15
    anyone wanna boost today, tomorrow, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday (8/31-9/4)?

    I'm pretty flexible. Going to shoot some messages to people. Feel free to do the same! I pretty much need all 500 wins so I'll be at it for a while...
  • Posted on 24 October 17 at 04:20
    Don't know if you're still needing these achievements, but would be keen to at least attempt some of the easier co-op ones. It's been a while since I've played these games, but I could at least 5 star medium songs pretty easily (was starting to attempt to get through the campaign on hard before I got bored of sucking). If you need someone better, then no worries, I'll keep looking.
  • Posted on 25 October 17 at 11:06
    I'm also still going for the multiplayer achievements
  • Skullys33Skullys33561,240
    Posted on 25 October 17 at 17:23
    If anyone lives in or around the state of Massachusetts, and is looking now to get the local co-op achievements, add me on Xbox live and we can work something's out hopefully!
  • z3nithz3nith1,632,866
    Posted on 03 April 18 at 00:56
    I’m always down to help any folks that need those streak or score cheevos online!
  • Posted on 20 April 18 at 13:45
    Still need to do online co-op if anyone is interested!
  • Mistwalker45Mistwalker451,847,415
    Posted on 19 May 18 at 03:44
    I still need to do the online co op and ranked matches if any is interested send me a PM on here and we can work out a date and time etc

  • RS01RS01173,166
    Posted on 24 May 18 at 23:09, Edited on 24 May 18 at 23:10 by RS01
    Mistwalker45 said:
    I still need to do the online co op and ranked matches if any is interested send me a PM on here and we can work out a date and time etc

    I have just created a session for some ranked matches on the weekend.
  • RS01RS01173,166
    Posted on 27 May 18 at 19:00
    I have another session up for the "Streaker" achievement.
  • Posted on 31 May 18 at 01:33
    If anyone wants, I'm down to get some online achievements out the way. In NAE preferably.
  • Posted on 20 June 18 at 17:01
    add xix doddy xix for co op / pro faceoff i have all except gh5
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