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Loading times

Posted on 20 January 17 at 09:35
Hey everybody!

I am wondering if game's loading times are really this horrible! Longer that anything until this point ( and I played Human Revolution laugh ) or is this because I have the game on my external HDD.

Is there anyone who can confirm that loading times are this long or should I just transfer the game to One's HDD ( as always, lack of space... )

Thanks in advance!
Posted on 20 January 17 at 17:00
As long as your external HDD isn't a lump of garbage that shouldn't be a problem. You can actually get better load times with an external HDD if it runs faster than the internal Xbox One drive (especially for SSD's). Fact of the matter is that the load times are pretty bullschnitzle for this version of the game. They're just as long, if not slightly longer in some cases, than the last gen version of the game for no good reason. Just poorly optimized I guess.
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Posted on 21 January 17 at 10:28
Understood, thank you. Working with WD passport usb 3.0 HDD, so far loading from it was fine.
Posted on 22 January 17 at 13:12
The loading times are just horrible. Since I didn't have anything better to do while waiting for the game to load, I timed it. Takes between 45 seconds and a minute. If you're trying to get past a particularly difficult part of the game this gets so tedious. Just so you know, mine is on my xbone drive.
Posted on 28 October 17 at 15:09
yes, i would agree, this game has the worst loading times of any Xbx1 game I have played to date.
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