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Mp Achievments Glitched

Mr Nendoroid
Posted on 22 January 17 at 23:51, Edited on 23 January 17 at 01:00 by Mr Nendoroid
The all the achievement is glitched for me. I got check marks on all of the maps winning each of them and it didn't unlock. The cheevo isn't saying Done....Unlocking either. Anyone have the same issue? Or anyone wanna point me in the right direction on how to fix this?
Posted on 23 January 17 at 20:30
Which achievement?
Mr Nendoroid
Posted on 25 January 17 at 14:56
I'm all that achievement. Has check marks next to the modes but its not unlocking
Posted on 25 January 17 at 16:11
It is likely that one of the maps has incorrectly counted. All I could advise is to try again and make a written note of all the maps played.
Mr Nendoroid
Posted on 25 January 17 at 19:10
alright man but I'm getting pretty discouraged at the moment nothing but bad luck
Posted on 03 June 17 at 17:47, Edited on 03 June 17 at 21:27 by TheRedRodCod
@Mr Nendoroid - I had the same situation. I made two sessions for the ranked kills and didn't get the achievements, but everyone else in the sessions got them. I'm not sure, but I think it wouldn't count if I was an Xbox party host. Eventually I joined a session where we coordinated over messages instead.
Posted on 21 April 18 at 09:57
I want to do it too, please add me too, GT : DeluuziA
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