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Steins;Gate 0 Coming to Xbox One

  • NeroNero1,531,288
    Posted on 23 February 17 at 15:33
    imaidiot19 said:
    So...can anyone give me the run down on how to buy something from the Japanese Marketplace? Is it easy?
    Yeah, I need some help with this as well... :)
  • JdobemJdobem893,818
    Posted on 23 February 17 at 22:58
    read my previous post, detail your doubts please. :)
  • Throni360Throni3601,792,758
    Posted on 24 February 17 at 21:53
    Jdobem said:
    it seems to be on sale now,. but im not sure it has english subtitles yet.
    Japanese only. No language setting available.
  • JdobemJdobem893,818
    Posted on 24 February 17 at 22:13
    damn it!

    thanks for letting us know!
  • methajonesmethajones371,686
    Posted on 25 February 17 at 03:04
    It's pretty easy to purchase JPN marketplace games. First you have to change your location to Japan to get the Japan marketplace. Everything will stay in english. Then you'll need JPN microsoft points. I used to use play-asia but they no longer have any point cards so I researched and went through solaris japan. You can purchase a couple 1000yn (or more) cards and they'll email you the code w/in 24 hours (I got mine 12hrs later)... then you just "redeem code"... HOWEVER you'll also need a Japanese addy to enter in. Google the info on how to do that. All in all it's much easier to purchase JPN games on x1 than it was on 360. The game is in Japanese but there are good youtube guides to get a quick 100%
  • JdobemJdobem893,818
    Posted on 25 February 17 at 12:54
    yeah, but i really want to be able to read and understand the story, ie, play the game.
    Not just for the cheevos. Thanks for the detail and the solaris japan store option.
  • scotwolf2scotwolf21,402,646
    Posted on 25 February 17 at 14:56
    i used
    very quick n easy

    bought a 2000yen code and had code emailed within 5-10 mins
    it was around 22 euros
    paid via paypal
  • JdobemJdobem893,818
    Posted on 25 February 17 at 15:46
    i wish i knew japanese:)
  • JdobemJdobem893,818
  • Free RiegnFree Riegn568,526
    Posted on 20 May 17 at 23:22
    Or you can play it on the PlayStation 4
    Yeah Buddy!!!
  • JdobemJdobem893,818
    Posted on 20 May 17 at 23:38
    consider the website this forum belongs to, i shouldnt have to explain it: achievements...

    but thanks for your helpful suggestion.
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