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Streak Counter Problem

  • Pending update
  • Posted on 05 February 17 at 16:28
    Just gonna put this out there and I'm will not be surprised if its not noticed, but on the streak counter on 1 achievement it displays "1 achievements". It should not be plural for 1. Just saying lol!
  • WyyvernWyyvern531,197
    Posted on 05 February 17 at 17:08
    A typo I keep doing is accidentally putting a semi colon instead of an apostrophe. It;s really annoying.
  • Posted on 03 January 20 at 21:27
    This is being archived in an effort to clean up the bug report forums and this post predates the new 2019/2020 TA site design. If you are still experiencing this bug on the new site, please create a new detailed bug report and it will be logged and looked at.

    Thank you.
    See You Space Cowboy...
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