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Anyone still need help with Escalation mode?

Posted on 08 February 17 at 00:52
I know it can be tricky for some people getting to Wave 15 for the Achievement and wanted to see if anyone needed some help for it.
You ever wonder why we're here?
Posted on 22 February 18 at 02:57
I do. It's last achievement I need.
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Razer b4
Razer b4
Posted on 23 February 18 at 10:00
Same for me.
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Posted on 07 April 18 at 01:11
I need it as well. Message me if you need me.
Posted on 12 April 18 at 06:46
My session for this Saturday is already full, if there's enough interest I'll set up another one for next Saturday and run another group through the Escalation mode.

Yes, I already finished this game, I just want an excuse to play it again.
You ever wonder why we're here?
Posted on 17 April 18 at 03:17
Hey Operative, I'm thinking of starting the game up and yes I would definitely be interested in some help with Escalation. Thanks.
Posted on 29 April 18 at 07:13
I would appreciate any heads up about any multiplayer for this game. Thanks.
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