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Konami '1999' code

onnabugeisha x
Posted on 14 February 17 at 12:39
although i bought this game when it came out, i've just started playing it now lol. i bought the season pass and downloaded it before starting the game. at the main menu i tried to put in the 1999 code to open that mode straight away, and nothing happened. just curious, cos i'm super late coming into the game if the code has been patched or did i make the mistake of downloading the DLC BEFORE using the code?
Posted on 14 February 17 at 12:55, Edited on 14 February 17 at 13:00 by TangerineGamer
As far as I remember I downloaded the season pass first and 1999 unlocked for me just fine. I remember it didn't unlock for me the first time I tried, don't think I was doing it quick enough though.

Looking at the solution there are a couple of people saying that the D-pad doesn't work and to use the analog stick instead ... but then others say that they have used the d-pad and it works so I'm not sure sorry
Yours sincerely, TG
Posted on 14 February 17 at 13:38
I'm just did it a couple weeks ago- DLC installed beforehand- so it hasn't been patched out. It's even still in the remaster- it's intentional.

I also did it with the D pad, so that's not the problem. Did it at "normal" speed, just like you did back in the day. Mine popped before I hit start (so, "B", "A", ach pop).
Kilgore isn't part of Season 3, he's an extra $10 at this point.
onnabugeisha x
Posted on 14 February 17 at 13:59
so weird. i must have tried it 5-6 times last night and nothing popped. i know i used the D-pad for sure since i didn't think the stick would work. i'm not too far into the story that i could start over... maybe i'll give the analog stick a try.
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