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TA Top Five: What Took So Long?

  • Stevo6483Stevo6483302,829
    Posted on 20 February 17 at 16:38
    I figured Too Human would be on the list. I was looking forward to it for a few years, even enjoyed the demo. Then the rest of the game turned out to be repetitive as fuck. But it wasn't just the development of that game that took so long either - those respawns were a bloody joke!

    Aliens was ok, but I fell for the hype and preordered it. Wish I'd waited a few weeks after the price plummeted because it certainly wasn't worth full price. It looked bad and the campaign was mostly boring but some of the multiplayer modes were enjoyable and the fan service and nostalgia was good. Like the reviewer mentioned at the time, you could see where they were going with it, they just didn't manage to get there.
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  • Posted on 20 February 17 at 17:11
    Still waiting on Cyberpunk 2077, but as it's CD Projekt RED, I'm sure it's worth the wait
  • FullMoonBeaverFullMoonBeaver1,489,740
    Posted on 20 February 17 at 17:45
    LA Noire was a fantastic game. Really enjoyed it. Would love to see another.

    Too Human was the kind of game you either loved or hated. Sure it only had 4 levels, but they were huge, and there was an immense amount of loot to acquire. Tough game to 1000g. But them controls were weird. Shame we won't see the other 2 entries in the series.

    Aliens: Colonial Marines was abysmal. Which is putting it politely. I decided to give it a try after picking it up or £3 brand new. Still felt scammed out of my money. No redeeming features.

    Not aged the other games mentioned.
  • RacxieRacxie538,793
    Posted on 21 February 17 at 02:46
    Nexus Grunt said:
    Racxie said:
    Duke Nukem was obviously going to be #1, although Beyond Good & Evil 2 should be overtaking it if you consider that the first game was released in late 2003 and was originally penned as a trilogy. So despite no official announcement until many years later, it's been just over 13 years now us fans have been waiting for it...
    I was really going from the official announcement date until the date of release ... and even then there were a few grey areas :)

    If you dig into the history of the industry there are already some fascinating stories tucked away wink
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  • LavindatharLavindathar1,917,273
    Posted on 21 February 17 at 04:25
    Duke nukem was poor.

    Loved la noire and colonial marines though :)
  • Ereaser NLEreaser NL454,623
    Posted on 21 February 17 at 10:28
    I played Prey on PC ages ago, it was a pretty fun game with good mechanics. It also looked great on my (then) new PC :P
  • Watty8883Watty88832,531,503
    Posted on 21 February 17 at 15:18
    Too Human was great, loved it.
  • Posted on 21 February 17 at 18:34
    I'm sad Duke Nukem Forever actually came out. It ruined the long-running joke of, "Yeah, it'll come out just after DNF."
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  • Daelus1Daelus1851,020
    Posted on 22 February 17 at 10:54
    10 years to make FFXV and that was the game we got? The first 1/2 a semi, small, open-world with virtually nothing in it, and the 2nd part an extremely linear QTE-fest? The game was average, but no better than that.....put in context of a 10 year dev cycle and it was atrocious.

    The only way this game won any awards was from fanboys that saw the game through nostalgia-tinted glasses as, as bad as 2016 was for action games, this still shouldn't have cracked the top 10 of that genre.
  • MaesenkoMaesenko320,017
    Posted on 22 February 17 at 16:23
    Of the items in this list, I've only played two (Too Human and FFXV), and want to play L.A. Noire. I'm sure I'll get around to L.A. Noire eventually, I'm in the middle of FFXV as I type, and Too Human is one of those games I would love to eventually go back and have another go at now that I've found a site like TA to get me through it.

    RE is not my genre, and I won't touch the top 3. Prey, because it doesn't interest me enough; the other two are just not good games IMO (although I'm sure I'm not alone in that).
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  • XellizXelliz342,475
    Posted on 24 February 17 at 16:13
    Even though Too Human has some issues, I really enjoyed the game and would have loved to have played the sequels.
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