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Fast-Paced First Person Shooter MOTHERGUNSHIP Announced

  • TuschiTuschi1,131,809
    Posted on 20 February 17 at 12:37
    Basically a Tower of Guns sequel? Yes please!
  • Lost LegendsLost Legends1,376,080
    Posted on 20 February 17 at 12:39
    So, tower of guns 2? Really hate this trend of rogue like shooters lately.
  • amenazamenor JFamenazamenor JF1,311,596
    Posted on 20 February 17 at 13:02
    Day one for me. I loved how fun Tower Of Guns was, and this one looks even better.
  • Posted on 20 February 17 at 21:39
    Tower of Guns is still my favorite indie FPS on Xbox One, this definitely excites me :D
  • Fury87Fury87836,126
    Posted on 21 February 17 at 05:51
    Tower of Guns was a great game, I even bought the European stack just to play it again. I'll pick this up day one for sure!
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