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[RIP] Halo MCC Checkpoint Achievement Distribution #3

i am 4orty2wo
i am 4orty2wo
Posted on 24 February 17 at 21:16, Edited on 05 September 18 at 22:13 by i am 4orty2wo
  • Last Updated: September 5, 2018 // est. February 24, 2017

Master Chief said:
"I need a weapon checkpoint."
As of September 5, 2018, checkpoint sharing no longer works. A great deal of thanks to everyone who volunteered their time to help the community out. Original post preserved below.

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See you on the battlefield, soldier.
I can read your mind... I know you have Xbox Live.
Posted on 24 February 17 at 21:29
Pinning this thread now.
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Posted on 24 February 17 at 22:42
Sounds like a plan...
Posted on 24 February 17 at 22:50
I have Halo: CE LASO and Master Saga playlist (Life Story) that I'm happy to share. BUT MESSAGE ME ON XBOX NOT TA. toast
Always be kind as everyone is fighting a hard battle!
Posted on 24 February 17 at 22:57, Edited on 24 February 17 at 23:01 by ShDwRpTr16
I can help you with how sharing them works.

Halo CE: Commonly shared through it's glitched post-ODST update version in which the party leader will try to resume from the last mission. The screen will refresh and the party leader will kick you. Seconds after, the achievement pops.

Halo 2: Same as CE.

Halo 3: The party leader will start up the cutscene and then Save/Quit at any time. The achievement will pop for everyone else in the party.

Halo 4: This one is my own method. Not sure if anyone else uses it. I have not tested the Save/Quit on this. I start up the cutscene, forcibly quit the game. The game will select a new host while the cutscene is active and anyone within the remaining party may skip the cutscene at any time.

ODST: The party leader will start up the cutscene, and one of the other players will have to skip just after the party leader Save and Quits. The idea is that when the leader hits Save/Quit you'll see the cutscene begin to fade out. The objective is to skip in between when the leader Save/Quits and before the cutscene completely fades away. As the party leader, you'll know if they other player is skipping correctly by noticing that the cutscene will immediately go black as soon as they skip, interrupting the usual fade effect. I recommend a countdown from the party leader to sync up with the other player(s). Keep in mind this one is very selective and will not work 100% of the time. As long as you're doing what I mentioned, it will work eventually.

Master Chief Saga: I share it the same way as Halo 4 since it's the same checkpoint.

As far as sharing actual checkpoints, I have only done so in 3, 4, and ODST. Halo 3 and ODST you must complete a mission with the party leader and you as a secondary must Save/Quit at the start of the next mission. Halo 4 is similar to its achievement sharing method. Unfortunately, the only way it works is getting to the end of a mission, or to a point where neither of you can die anymore, and the party leader must leave. The secondary player will remain in the game alone and finish the mission. Then he will Save/Quit at the start of the next mission and bam, they have the checkpoint. I recommend doing this on either Reclaimer or Shutdown. The majority of both of those levels can easily be skipped.

Oh, one last thing. I have Halo 3, 4, and ODST LASO checkpoints that I like to share here and there. I'm usually a busy guy so please don't take it as an insult if I fail to respond to you. I prefer setting up official sessions during my free time, which I usually link within these kinds of threads.
i am 4orty2wo
i am 4orty2wo
Posted on 24 February 17 at 23:37
ShDwRpTr16 said:
I can help you with how sharing them works.
Thank you for the valuable info, I just dumped it all into the OP.
I can read your mind... I know you have Xbox Live.
makoto niehe
makoto niehe
Posted on 25 February 17 at 00:40, Edited on 25 February 17 at 00:44 by makoto niehe
Thanks for the new thread and much love to Shadow 00 Fox for the glitch distribution history lesson - a nice touch and a good way to end the Distrubution #2 thread. Take a read on the last page.

On another note, I am interested in helping with 3, 4, and ODST sharing once I have checkpoints. Is there a special session that can be set aside just for that?
Posted on 25 February 17 at 00:43
Pinned and subscribed :) thanks for putting this together!
Appreciate any help with LASO on MCC
EH Grizz
EH Grizz
Posted on 25 February 17 at 01:14
I have Halo 3 LASO. Usually I'm sharing the achievement during the weekend. dance
Posted on 25 February 17 at 02:08
I am in need of Halo ODST LASO, it is the last one I need, if there is any kind souls out there willing to help feel free to shoot me a msg whenever.

Just wanted to thank x Im GriZzly X again for the Halo 3 LASO toast
Shadow 00 Fox
Shadow 00 Fox
Posted on 25 February 17 at 05:28
I was half-joking about starting a new thread, then I was all ready to come in with my flame-thrower wide open... and you blew me away instead with your fantastic job with this new thread. Wow, nice job!! toasttoast

I would also like to point out to everyone, if you can't get the ODST LASO from someone and feel up for it, Halo ODST is REALLY REALLY EASY compared to any of the other LASO's. You will probably want to do it in coop though just for the teamwork and extra firepower. There are a bunch of various tricks that make it easier that are detailed elsewhere, and only a few actually hard spots.
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Posted on 25 February 17 at 06:39
I too would like the opportunity to thank x Im GriZzly x and FEAR EPIDEMIC for the help I've got!
Appreciate any help with LASO on MCC
The CageyBee007
Posted on 25 February 17 at 07:12, Edited on 25 February 17 at 07:14 by The CageyBee007
I'm down to just H3 and H4 LASO MCC =D. Looks like I'll keep an eye on sessions from Grizzly (sadly I can't make the one tomorrow) and Fear. Appreciate all the help!
Posted on 25 February 17 at 07:28
Hopefully Nickel starts following this so that we can ask him how much more of a list he has, last check I think he had 150 left or something.
I am epic ~desu~
Posted on 25 February 17 at 16:14
I would be interested if anyone is kind enough to share smile
Cynical Cybran
Posted on 25 February 17 at 17:21
Would be so immensely grateful for the Halo 2 Laso checkpoint. I've pinned this thread and will try to keep an eye on it best I can for any sessions that get set up, but if anyone is also just able to help me out with Halo 2 Laso, let me know! Thanks smile
Posted on 25 February 17 at 21:25
New thread was definitely needed, that old one as getting clogged to hell.

As always thanks to everyone helping out with this stuff. You people are saints in my book.
Fear The People
Posted on 26 February 17 at 05:09
Hi, i need all the checkpoints except Halo CE. anyone nice enough to help me is a top dog :)
FeRos x Destiny
Posted on 26 February 17 at 09:17
Cr4ck Sh0t23 said:
I would be in need of Halo 2, halo 4, and Halo ODST Laso checkpoints. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

I had posted in the previous forum but with no response. Hopefully I will get lucky.
The very first post tells you which people have which checkpoints and how they handle the achievement sharing.

That means: don't wait for any personal response or whatever, (almost) no sharer will take the effort of messaging you privately and tell you that there's an upcoming session or anything similar.
YOU want help and then it's YOUR job to stay updated, watch if there are any new posts or sessions.

I had a look on where you had posted something in the previous forum and couldn't find your GT in the last 7 pages which means that you'd missed my two last ODST sessions and maybe didn't even know they had existed.

---> You don't have to be "lucky" to get the achievements from those guys, yoo just have to start reading actively any posts in this forum, if that's too much... well, then you don't deserve any help from my former associates in my opinion ^^
FeRos x Destiny
Posted on 26 February 17 at 09:26
dezie8 said:
Hi, if anyone could help me out getting halo ce, halo 2 and halo odst you would really be helping me out. Thanks in advance if anyone can :)
Same probem with you here.

'If anyone can'...
Read the very first post in this forum, you will have proof that some people can.

- For CE, private message WOW DYLAN
- For ODST, watch the forum for any session links or posts of ShDwRpTr16
- For Halo 2, we don't officially have one with this checkpoint, but there may be one or two acting behind the scenes ^^

It was hard to get to those informations, wasn't it?
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