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Guide To Get The Season Pass To Work Via Disc

  • Posted on 27 February 17 at 18:13, Edited on 27 February 17 at 18:58 by BulgyDragonZordPermalink
    Credit for discovering this outcome goes to my brother RegionalRagger. Please give him credit wherever possible should you test this out and it works for yourself as well as me.

    I have not however tested this for the "XBox 360 Version" of the game. We will try to do so when we find a reasonbly priced Retail Copy.

    So if any of you happen to own the Physical Copy of Batman: The Telltale Series which should be something like this...

    You will realize that the Season Pass that comes with the game doesn't work like you expect it to, because when you try to go into the game with or without the Season Pass downloaded from the disc, the game attempts to charge you to download the Season Pass via the XBLM. However thanks to my brother we have discovered that you can actually get the Season Pass to work via the Disc. We sat down and tried to figure out what methods you actually need to do to get it to work and it turned out to be something stupid.

    So to help you guys out, here is the step-by-step method of how to get the Season Pass to work via the Disc, allowing you to play the remaining Episodes of this game without downloading them via the XBLM (in other words, let's just say we're doing a guide to actually tell you that the Disc can do it's supposed job, rather than screwing you over).

    Step 1: If throughout your timeline you have downloaded Episode 1 of Batman: The Telltale Series for "FREE", you will need to delete it. If you don't delete it and insert the disc, the XBox will just automatically load up the game, without even enabling the Season Pass option. This defeats the purpose as you can imagine.

    Step 2: Insert the Batman: Telltale Series Disc into your XBox One. You will get a message asking for an Update, accept it. Check your "My Games & Apps" and then find "Batman: Telltale Series" as one of your newly placed games. Press cn_start and then select "Manage Game".

    Step 3: Look at the top left of your screen and check the "Ready To Install" section. It should have 2 items. One of them is Episode 1 of Batman: Telltale Series. The other is the Batman Season Pass that is on the disc. Ensure both of these are downloading to your console.

    Step 4: When the 2 items are downloaded, return to the XBox One dashboard, find Batman: Telltale Series and load the game up on the profile you wish to play the game and get the achievements on.

    Step 5: You should then be given a Red Screen with the Telltale Logo on the left and a Registration Setting on the right. Now... here is the ultimate part which screws you over unless you complete this step. To actually enable the Season Pass content from the Disc playable, you actually have to Register as a Telltale Member. If you already have an account assigned to it, I believe you can just re-enter that information and then the game will accept it. If you don't have an account or you cannot seem to re-enter your previous account details, you can simply make a new one.

    All that is needed is an E-Mail address - I recommend the same E-Mail address that is tied to your XBox Profile and then you'll need to create a Password to use for the Telltale Site. This password does not have to be the same as the XBox Profiles. Once you have done that and accepted it on the XBox Console, start-up the game until you get the Batman character on the right side of your screen.

    Step 6: From the Main Menu of the game go into Episodes. Here you should see all the Episodes you can play in the game. Episode 1 will be playable straight away. Check the other 4 Episodes to see if the method is done correctly. Originally you would have a message saying "Purchase Episode". If you have signed up correctly to the Telltale Website then you should have the words "Download Episode" instead. Now click each Episode and then you then have the ability to download them from the XBLM for "FREE", rather than paying the amount of cash needed to download the Episodes for the game.

    Ensure you have all the correct DLC downloaded to the console so that you can playthrough the game and get your 1000G Gamerscore, without buying anymore of the Episodes via the XBLM. I recommend you download all of them in one sitting to ensure satisfaction.

    Step 7: It is possible from this point onward that you will be able to playthrough the entire game without using the Disc for Episode 1, however I cannot confirm right this moment in time. To test it, simply return to the XBox One Dashboard and then eject the disc from the console. When your ready to try the game again, simply find it on your console and load it up.

    I hope all of this helps and I hope I have helped you guys saved on some of your cash, rather than thinking the disc overall was a waste of space.

    Good Luck with the game.
  • KenH2k4KenH2k4502,881
    Posted on 27 February 17 at 20:41Permalink
    I didn't have to do most of that and I had downloaded episode 1 previously, so I must have gotten lucky. I just had to go to every individual episode to download it and it took me to the store to Episode 2: Disc version or something similar. Also, once episodes are installed you don't need the disc to play them
  • Posted on 27 February 17 at 21:45Permalink
    KenH2k4 said:
    I didn't have to do most of that and I had downloaded episode 1 previously, so I must have gotten lucky. I just had to go to every individual episode to download it and it took me to the store to Episode 2: Disc version or something similar. Also, once episodes are installed you don't need the disc to play them
    Sounds as though you got lucky as well. These we're the steps I had to do to get it to work for myself so I thought I'd post it in for anyone else that may need to do the same, so that they don't think the disc is a waste of money.

    But thanks for letting me know about the outcome of actually playing it on the console without the disc once it's installed. Guess I can place the disc aside once it's fully installed and I'm ready to play.
  • RegalOwlbearRegalOwlbear465,668
    Posted on 02 April 17 at 17:11Permalink
    Just wanted to say thanks for this solution! I was able to get 2 and 3 by doing this, but couldn't remember how I got it to work until I found this. Now I'm downloading 4 and 5, finally. Thanks again for sharing this!
  • I NVIII II NVIII I529,462
    Posted on 10 May 19 at 11:24Permalink
    This still does work in 2019 after the death of TellTale, for how long though...
  • Posted on 15 August 19 at 02:02Permalink
    I can't get Episode 4 to download using the disc. It says "Purchased But Not Installed", but when I go to download it it tries to charge me 4.99. Anyone have any ideas?
  • Ul7r4pWn4g33Ul7r4pWn4g33370,826
    Posted on 17 August 19 at 14:00Permalink
    I'm having the same problem as The Cherished. Really don't want to have to pay 6$ for something I already own
  • Posted on 20 August 19 at 19:15, Edited on 20 August 19 at 19:16 by Orodeth PrimePermalink
    Downloading all episodes, incl. #4 from Season Pass Disc works today.
  • Posted on 02 November 19 at 10:03Permalink
    I'm getting "Purchased, coming soon" can't play the game at all past episode 1...
  • John AceyJohn Acey247,897
    Posted on 12 November 19 at 21:54Permalink
    I'm wondering if there's a way to download the episodes still if you own the season pass?
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