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  • Posted on 01 March 17 at 07:50Permalink
    Please use this thread to discuss the The Final Station walkthrough
  • SashamorningSashamorning1,725,086
    Posted on 21 April 17 at 11:37Permalink

    One suggestion, though. I follow text guides a lot, and it's easy to get lost in really long paragraphs. Is there any way to break them down a bit so that I don't miss certain parts? (I'm commenting as I follow through.)

    Just my two cents. toast
  • LeXXuzLeXXuz601,297
    Posted on 16 June 17 at 00:34Permalink
    How do you craft items on the train?
    I have enough resources but 9/10 times I can't hit the craft button no matter how often I press cn_A
  • LeXXuzLeXXuz601,297
    Posted on 17 June 17 at 17:45, Edited on 17 June 17 at 17:45 by LeXXuzPermalink
    Never mind. Seems I have to use cn_LSd before cn_A
  • SashamorningSashamorning1,725,086
    Posted on 17 June 17 at 18:29Permalink
    Yeah, crafting is a total PITA.
  • zeno2kzeno2k215,663
    Posted on 17 June 17 at 23:09Permalink
    Hi... just one question: passengers are cumulative through different playtrough?
    I was unable to save all of them and reached the end of the levels with 5 people alive...
  • SashamorningSashamorning1,725,086
    Posted on 18 June 17 at 00:29Permalink
    No. Must be one playthrough.
  • zeno2kzeno2k215,663
    Posted on 18 June 17 at 08:54Permalink
  • SashamorningSashamorning1,725,086
    Posted on 18 June 17 at 13:56Permalink
    Let me clatify: there are several achievements for having enough passengers survive to a station. The game has segments. If one dies in one segment, you won't get that achievement, but you can still get the achievement for the next segment (check the achievement list to see where each segment ends) as long as you find them all and they all survive.
  • zeno2kzeno2k215,663
    Posted on 19 June 17 at 07:25Permalink
    Thanks! Yeah: I got the point.
    Unfortunately I've reached the 2nd and the 3rd station with just 5 passengers alive (one died and there was nothing I could do to avoid, since I was out of meds and food).
    Checking the progress in achievements sheet I saw I got a % of progression, that's why I was wandering if in a second playthrough it will be sufficient just saving the 6th one.

    Another question: I'm almost at the end of the game and now I'm full of money and meds... there's any kind of chapter selection? NG+ or something like that after the completion?
  • SashamorningSashamorning1,725,086
    Posted on 19 June 17 at 17:32Permalink
    No, you'll have to start a new game, as far as I remember.
  • zeno2kzeno2k215,663
    Posted on 20 June 17 at 07:59Permalink
    Yep... confirmed... very bad indeed... but it's not too long, I'll give a second try ;)
  • Posted on 11 July 17 at 05:52Permalink
    Apologies, I don't get notifications on the site for walkthrough forum posts so I'm glad I decided to check it out.

    Thank you for clarifying about the passengers Sasha. Yes, they all need to survive in one playthrough but if you follow the guide to a T (including the hints and tips about when/how to use food/health) you should be alright, especially if you craft medkits. And yes, the UI onboard the train when it comes to viewing the map, text convos, and crafting is horrific. I was basically guessing as to what was highlighted while I was playing.

    As for the text in the walkthrough, just like you I prefer text walkthroughs as I personally feel it's counterproductive most of the time to watch a video walkthrough while trying to play. While I was putting it together I did notice that there would be walls of texts, so I made sure to bold all important things like directions, passengers, item pickups and such. I didn't break it up because I felt like it would make more sense to keep it all in one place so it is easier to associate each paragraph with its chapter considering there are no natural breaks within each chapter (minus starting/finishing), but I can take a look at it and try to break it up in a logical way if it makes it easier for some people.

    Also I'm glad people are getting to use this and I hope it's helping. I honestly threw this together because I had just finished my first walkthrough for Wheels of Aurelia and writing them up kept me busy while I had some down time at school since I don't have an xbox there. I had to play through it for the third time (by the end of filming the clips I was probably on my fifth...), so I figured why not just take clips while playing through it when I came home and then write up the text while I'm at school. Just a funny coincidence that Microsoft gave it out for people who watched their E3 Mixer stream laugh

    If there are further concerns feel free to pm me on here, otherwise it may be another three months before I check back in since I don't get the notifications for it.
  • GerbasgamerGerbasgamer1,172,240
    Posted on 22 November 17 at 14:12Permalink
    I was pretty conservative with my food rations and it still looks like I can't do the last segment based on what you consumed during the train rides and what you found in those last levels.

    I guess it would be wiser to start from scratch, not using any food (thus letting the passengers die) and when I reach the last segment, I should have a huge amount of both food and med kits.
  • Posted on 30 April 18 at 17:31Permalink
    Just commenting to confirm that the cheese method for DLC playthroughs does work. It takes a moment for the achievement to finally pop.
    Ask me about my rock collection.
  • Posted on 05 December 18 at 23:53Permalink
    Apologies to future users of this walkthrough. Due to Microsoft 'purging' game clips off of Xbox live, 90% of the video clips for this walkthrough have been deleted from Xbox Live and are no longer on my console, even though I was sure I saved them. Therefore, I'll be removing video portions of this walkthrough and it will be strictly a text only walkthrough.
  • x1c1clex1c1cle145,269
    Posted on 19 February 19 at 06:02Permalink
    two points of advice for players:
    1) instead of wasting 3 bullets of fast-zombies, if you have the space: 1) one shot 2) press and hold melee, charge, and kill w 1 punch.
    2) in the rooms where you are entering from downstairs, you can hang out in on the stairs, quickly go up, give a zombie a punch, then go back down. repeat. you can clear the normal and fast zombies this way, reserving bullets for armored.
  • x1c1clex1c1cle145,269
    Posted on 20 February 19 at 09:51Permalink
    another tip. yes you can get all achievements in one play through. regarding strategy for trains:
    1) always check for craftable medkit
    2) be proactive with the broken mechanical things
    3) only give resources to passengers who need them. for normal passengers, don't give food if the have full health. let the health go almost all the way down, then give food. this gives you more time. with the "bleeding-out" ones, if they don't have food, they will bleed out very fast. you can take advantage of this, but be careful.
  • Chyld989Chyld989397,678
    Posted on 28 July 19 at 19:45Permalink
    A small tip that you might want to add (unless it's in there and I just missed it) is that if you equip the shotgun you need one fewer punches to kill normal and big enemies. Not a huge deal, but when there's a bunch of them it comes in handy.
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