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Xbox Goes to GDC

  • Posted on 04 March 17 at 14:56
    Bruh, most of those games in the pass are from GwG. I'll pass on the pass.
  • Posted on 04 March 17 at 14:59, Edited on 04 March 17 at 15:00 by YaIrishMick96
    Brokenheaded said:
    I expect games with gold to disappear when this launches......
    Microsoft confirmed that won't be happening.

    I hope they dont shaft the non-American market again by not correctly pricing this like they do with every single game on the Store e.g. $20=£20=€20. #Microsoftcantdomaths
    One does not simply stop playing xbox
  • DoggyDog420DoggyDog420854,336
    Posted on 04 March 17 at 16:10
    I got a few of those 360 games in the game pass free on my McDonald's soft drink few years ago lol
  • BreakBaconBreakBacon37,296
    Posted on 04 March 17 at 17:13
    what a great GDC release
  • FaSCoRPFaSCoRP563,682
    Posted on 04 March 17 at 18:25
    most of them were already on GwG in the past so no real reason to grab it right now, perhaps in a while... who knows
  • Posted on 04 March 17 at 20:39
    I just don't understand why they would cancel Scalebound. Like that game looked like it would have been really good.
    Then they give us State of Decay 2... Really? Crackdown 3? Alright (shrug).
    Did anyone actually want Halo Wars 2? (obviously enough to warrant a sequel, albeit many years down the road)
    They had a new IP, developed it somewhat, only to scrap it and give us sequels to games that could have just as easily been stand alones (State of Decay, Halo Wars) or another chapter in a game that might have already run its course (Crackdown, Dead Rising). I know, these games could turn out to be substantial hits, but they could also be horrendous duds. idk. When the dust settles later this year we'll see where these games stand
  • Always SaucyAlways Saucy662,666
    Posted on 04 March 17 at 20:43
    I have all of those games lol
  • Darklord1899Darklord1899431,055
    Posted on 05 March 17 at 02:27
    wow time to re release that dragon game... crimson drag.. thing...

    I darb...
    Deer god... oh I mean dear god?

    All those titles they could not sell.. that we have suffered from gwg... now we have to pay 10 a month and the ones we did not download...
    Great news a whole new gen of xbox players will have to suffer Dear God!!!!!
  • ElyohElyoh968,822
    Posted on 05 March 17 at 07:01
    Remember, this alpha game pass is FREE to those of us with access to it. Of course they're going to have these types of games in it roll
    No God, know fear. Know God, no fear.
  • Tao LogosTao Logos785,190
    Posted on 05 March 17 at 11:25
    MugenKairo said:
    Too expensive to validate its worth. So I can play it if the game is rotated in, but if it's leaving I have to pay again for the download to my library? Pass, I'm much too selective in games and don't like being taken advantage of to enter into this.
    My thoughts too. Not worth it if the game gets removed before I finish it
  • Stevo6483Stevo6483295,435
    Posted on 06 March 17 at 10:33
    "the more rigorous ID@Xbox program"

    Don't make me laugh. Although there are some great games that have been released through this platform there are others that are beyond a joke in terms of how poor they are. It makes you wonder how some of them make it through the program.
    Stoke me a clipper, I'll be back for Christmas... Whatever!
  • HieronimusHieronimus612,307
    Posted on 06 March 17 at 15:09
    Who needs Remedy anyway, Quantum Break was below average. Such a disappointment. shock
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