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Not a bug
KGI Klikopedia
Posted on 19 March 17 at 08:22
Week ago this was not considered a Bug. But it would be 36h but it is already 216h that they are turned off. So as "ex web/game design student" and web designer, I can state that this LB's thing became a bug.
Twitch & YT: KlikoTV | Twitter: @Klikopedia
Posted on 19 March 17 at 08:52
It's not a bug, they are turned off while we get the new Genre team to double check all the genres that have been applied.

Estimated relaunch is the week starting 27th March
KGI Klikopedia
Posted on 20 March 17 at 09:22
We will not agree on BUG or not wink, but at least we have some heads-up about the situation now.
Twitch & YT: KlikoTV | Twitter: @Klikopedia
Information Posted on 17 May 17 at 09:20
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