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Information Posted on 19 March 17 at 10:42
Mental Knight 5 has just submitted some Achievement Flag Info for Xbox LIVE Labs Achievements:

Mental Knight 5 said:
Xbox LIVE LabsMad "360" ScientistThe Mad "360" Scientist achievement in Xbox LIVE Labs worth 0 pointsUse the Xbox LIVE Labs for a total of six hours

I just saw, on another "game," this tag I didn't know existed. "This title is not considered a game and is therefore excluded from Played and Completed Game counters." Wouldn't that apply to this title?

WebChimp UK
WebChimp UK
Posted on 19 March 17 at 19:48
Thanks for the submission, Mental Knight 5. For title classifications, we mirror that which Microsoft use - so if they say something's a game, so do we, and likewise if they say it's an application, so do we. In this instance they look at this title as being a game, and thus we have too.

I hope that explains the reasoning a little more. toast
Information Posted on 19 March 17 at 21:15
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