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Thusia, Ancient of Vaults - anyone?

Posted on 19 March 17 at 22:50
As in subject,

Does any one have Thusia, Ancient of Vaults?
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I've done some rerolls but never seen this ancient.

I know it exists but I'm not sure if @ version of the game.
Ace Phoenyx
Ace Phoenyx
Posted on 20 March 17 at 18:34
Thusia should be in the game. We are on patch 0.19 as best I can tell. Patch 0.20 added clans, which we don't have and 0.19 added relics, which we have.

I personally haven't seen her though so I cannot say for sure, it might be that some things were cut due to time restrictions or whatnot.
Posted on 20 March 17 at 22:37
The ancients removed in version 1.0 of the game are not in the xbox version as far as I can tell.
Posted on 22 March 17 at 01:43
Thusia, Pluto... some of them removed in 1.0 version of the game are not in xbox version. I know because I summoned all ancients on Xbox One version and there is no more to summon.
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