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I'm confused?

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Posted on 20 March 17 at 03:58
I had preordered awhile ago Wreckfest and never received any sort of message back about it when this came out and am wondering if it is the same game or is this completely different?
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Posted on 20 March 17 at 10:52
Wreckfest? That`s the game from Bugbear, isn`t it? That has nothing to do with Flatout 4, except that Bugbear created the franchise long ago.
Flatout 4 is from Kylotonn and in my opinion they did create a really good successor to Flatout: Ultimate Carnage.
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Posted on 20 March 17 at 14:07
Two separate games.
Flatout 4 is going to be awesome:
FlatOut 4: Total Insanity Announced

Wreakfest has gone dormant. I am still waiting to hear some news too.
Wreckfest Update
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